Course Syllabus

Teacher: Michelle Cunningham

Room# 503

Contact Information: 

Upon request, I am available after school for tutoring on Mondays 3:30 - 4:00

Course Materials:

  • 2 spiral notebooks
  • Fully charged Chromebook
  • Earbuds
  • Pocket folders (two pockets on each side)
  • Loose leaf paper  
  • Pencils

CANVAS:  Students can access our Canvas page via NCEdCloud.  You will need your student number and password for NCEdCloud.

PARENTS:  Use the following directions to create a Canvas Observer Account:

  • Have your student(s) Generate a Pairing Code (this will be different for each student).
  • Go to (bookmark this site so that you can easily access your Observer dashboard for your student(s).
  • Click on Parent of a Canvas User? in the upper right-hand corner of the window.
  • Complete the required information in the window, which will include inputting the student Pairing Code. Multiple students can be added.
  • Go to the Dashboard to see your student(s)' courses.
  • Parents can sign into this account to easily access their student's courses within Canvas.
  • What can parents view as an Observer?

Honor Code:  Classroom Expectations 

  • Be on time to class. “On Time” means ready to learn.
  • Be prepared. Have all class materials with you as well as completed assignments.  (Chromebooks fully charged!)
  • Be engaged in class and ready to learn!
  • Be responsible. Keep up with your class materials and work. Take ownership of your learning.
  • Be respectful of yourself, your classmates, and your teacher.  
  • Do your best and work hard. Try!

Homework Expectations:

Weekly, students are required to work on their Learning Pathway in I-Ready for 45+ minutes. Remember, to receive credit your child must complete 45+ minutes with a 80% or higher rate on completion of lessons to receive credit for each week.

NOTE:  At the request of Mrs. Cunningham, unfinished classwork may be assigned for homework.

Make-up / Late Work Policy:

When present in class, students are expected to be an active participant in the lesson. (i.e. warm-ups, note-taking, whole and small group discussions, math activities, and learning opportunities / assignments) 

NOTE: off task behavior(s) and sleeping are not an option and students will not be able to make-up the assignment(s) as a result.

Grading Scale:

Formative 70%

Summative 30%

Grades:  Please check Powerschool for your current grade


Course Summary:

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