Course Syllabus


2022-23 FHS Symphonic Band Syllabus

Mr. Southerland - Director of Bands

(919) 494-2332, ext. 307 (Band Room)

(919) 494-2332, ext. 373 (Band Office)


Course Description

This course is designed to give the student an enriching and diverse instrumental music education. The daily objective of the course is to foster and promote musical growth through the playing of an instrument by the student and through instruction on music theory and history. As a member of the band family, focused individual effort and flexibility is necessary for success. Band is a skilled effort in which each student is expected to show technical and musical growth throughout this course. 


Required Materials

  • Instrument
  • Supplies (reeds, valve oil, drumsticks, etc)
  • Folder (for loose sheet music)


Class Expectations

Each day, you will be expected to arrive to class and quickly grab and assemble your instrument, and prepare and take your assigned seat. If there is a bell-ringer activity on the board, begin it quietly until we begin class as an ensemble. If there is no explicit bell-ringer communicated, you are expected to use your few minutes to prepare your mind, face, and fingers to be ready to succeed.


Class Rules

  • Students will follow all FCS and FHS rules and regulations. 
  • Put your cell phone away!! Give me the time and attention I need to teach you, please!
  • ZERO FOOD ALLOWED!! Please help us avoid mice and insects in our spaces!
  • Respect your peers and their efforts in my class at all times. 



60% - Formative Assessments (small playing assignments, music theory exercises, listening assignments, comprehension checks, etc)

40% - Summative Assessments (full performances of pieces, music theory and history quizzes and tests, performances, etc)

Course Summary:

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