Course Syllabus

Advisor: Scarlett Shannon

Journalism/Yearbook Course Syllabus 
-----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Fall 2021                                               
Period 3 Daily, Room 013                          
Course Description
In this course, you will gain, develop, and master skills in multiple areas of the Journalism and yearbook creation process. You will have the opportunity to learn through a hands-on method in order to practice and develop skills in page design, photography, copywriting, marketing, and many other skills that are necessary for the creation process of an annual yearbook.  Together we will be developing these individual skills while working on a shared goal: to create the most memorable yearbook Bunn High School has ever seen! 
Course Philosophy

This is an introductory course for both Journalism and Yearbook.  Although the end result is a fabulous yearbook, you will be expected to participate in additional journalistic assignments throughout the semester.  In order to complete these assignments, you will be practicing the following skills: 
Distinguishing between subjective and objective language
Organizing and utilizing quotes
Demonstrating an understanding of the various types of writing 
Creating using photography and digital media
Proofing, revising, editing
Reading, analyzing, evaluating, and supporting opinions in writing
Required Resources:
Three-ring binder
Looseleaf paper
Pens (Black/Blue)
Photography items to be announced (camera/software)
Please note that you do not need to go out and purchase any of the photography or software materials. Rather, they will be made available to you through the school’s sign-out policy.
Replacing lost or damaged equipment 
You are responsible for the physical security of any equipment that you borrow from the school. As such, you must sign the check-out form whenever you take a piece of equipment for yearbook-related use. In the event something is damaged or stolen, you will be held financially responsible. You agree to pay for the replacement/repair of that equipment.
Course Rules & Requirements
You are responsible for following all school-wide rules (see student handbook). In addition, in this course you will also be expected to:
Show up on time
Be prepared
Respect your peers, yourself, the instructor, and the process itself
Use school property appropriately
Participate in tasks both during class and outside the scheduled class period (evenings and weekends)
Provide feedback and assistance to your teammates
Ask questions in order to proceed with projects
Yearbooks will be viewed, shared, and analyzed for years to come.  Be sure that all work included in the yearbook, as well as your written assignments, belong to you.  Your work needs to be genuine and authentic to your style and the integrity of the task at hand. Please see the school policy on academic honesty for a more detailed explanation of plagiarism.

Please read this course syllabus carefully. If you have any questions, please feel free to email me at Please keep the syllabus for your records.


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