Course Syllabus


 Computer Science Discoveries I

Contact Information:

Teacher:    Monica Pearce


Phone:       919-554-4848, extension 402


Students will access course information by clicking on Modules.  Students will need their student number and password for NCEdCloud. If you have questions about the student login, please email me.

PARENTS:  Use the following directions to create a Canvas Observer Account

  • Have your student(s) Generate a Pairing Code (this will be different for each student).
  • Go to (bookmark this site so that you can easily access your Observer dashboard for your student(s).
  • Click on Parent of a Canvas User? in the upper right-hand corner of the window.
  • Complete the required information in the window, which will include inputting the student Pairing Code. Multiple students can be added.
  • Go to the Dashboard to see your student(s)' courses.
  • Parents can sign into this account to easily access their student's courses within Canvas.
  • What can parents view as an Observer?




We will be engaged in hands-on activities in the computer lab during this course.  One website in particular that we will be using is, which is a third party website.  Students will create an account, watch related videos and participate in interactive activities. 


Dear Parents/Guardians,

In our classroom, we are utilizing digital learning tools to enhance student learning experiences.  These are valuable resources that will help prepare our students for their futures. Below is a list of digital tools that we use in our classroom.  I want you to be aware of the tools I plan on using during this school year.

The digital tools and websites that we access may change throughout the year.  If you do not wish for your student to use these tools, please complete THIS FORM and email it to me.

More information can be found on the FCS Technology Department page under Online Educational Resources and Tools.


WEEK 1 - Topics:  Welcome, introductions, school expectations, class procedures, drills and Acceptable Use Policy

WEEK 2 - Topics:  Collaboration, communication, review and exploration of the problem solving process

WEEK 3 - Topics:  Collaboration, communication, exploration of the problem solving process

WEEK 4 - Topics:  Exploring websites (the purpose for users and creators), personal website exploration, introduction to HTML

WEEK 5 - Topics:  Introduction to HTML, paragraph tags, heading tags, digital footprints

WEEK 6 - Topics:  Ordered and unordered lists, intellectual property and images, clean code and debugging

WEEK 7 - Topics:  Clean code and debugging, multi-page websites 

WEEK 8 - Topics:  Introduce CSS to style text; use CSS to change size, position and borders; website trustworthiness.

WEEK 9 - Topics:  RGB color function; CSS classes; styling with classes; CS in entertainment; plotting shapes

WEEK 10 - Topics:  Rectangles; ellipse; backgrounds; random numbers; variables

WEEK 11 - Topics:  Rectangles; ellipse; backgrounds; random numbers; variables; sprites; adding images; making scenes

WEEK 12 - Topics:  Making scenes; draw loop; variables unplugged.

WEEK 13 - Topics:  Sprite movement.

WEEK 14 - Topics:  Sprite movement; booleans; conditionals.

WEEK 15 - Topics:  Conditionals; keyboard input; other forms of input.

WEEK 16 - Topics:  Other forms of input; interactive card project.

WEEK 17 - Topics:  Interactive card project.

WEEK 18 - Topics:  Velocity; collision detection; complex sprite movement.

WEEK 19 - Topics:  Complex sprite movement; sprite collisions; functions.

WEEK 20 - Topics:  Project: design a game.