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HVAC IBunn High SchoolFall Semester 2020 Instructor: Mr. Timothy Grant Email: *Preferred contact method School Contact: (919) 496-3975 Ext. 353Course Description: CORE Curriculum is an introduction to the basic knowledge of construction skills. The course includes calculations, safety, measuring, sheet metal work, basic employability skills, terminology, materials, supplies, and the nature & safe use of tools & equipment, including information on health regulations & all installation codes related to construction areas are covered.Attendance: Students who miss ten or more days of this period are in violation of the FCS Attendance Policy and may be required to repeat the course.Tardy Policy: The following is our new SCHOOL WIDE POLICY: Students are expected to be in the classroom (passed the door frame) when the bell begins to ring. Consequences for being tardy are outlined in the BHS Student Code of Conduct.Grading Policy: FCS Grading Policy: A = 90 to 100, B = 80 to 89, C = 70 to 79, D = 60 to 69, F = Less than 60. The final course grade will be calculated by averaging each of the student’s nine weeks grades (at 40% weight each) and Final Exam grade (at 20% weight). Final letter grades will be assigned based upon the resulting average and using the scale above.Grade Distribution for my class: Make-up Work: Students are allowed two school days to make-up any missed assignment for every one day they are absent.Classroom Expectations: The Five P’s: (In addition, all other school rules, policies and procedures apply)1) Be prompt – be on time and in your seat when the bell rings; be prompt about turning assignment in on their original due date2) Be polite – and courteous to your peers and instructors3) Be productive – use your class time wisely and to its fullest potential4) Be prepared – come to class with your pencil, paper, calculator, Problem Sets, assignments and knowledge5) Be patient – everyone learns at their own speed, demonstrate patience and understanding in this classroomConsequences: Students who violate the classroom and school expectations are subjected to any of the following consequences:1.Verbal Warning2.Parent Conference3.ISS4.Administrative Referral

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