Course Syllabus

Bunn High School

Sports & Entertainment Marketing 1


Instructor: Mr. Peter Ashford      Phone: (919) 496-3975        Email:    


Virtual Classroom Hours  12:00pm-12:45pm via Google Meet


Virtual Office Hours: M-Th 2:30pm-3:00pm via Google Meet


Course Description:  

In this course, students are introduced to the industry of sports, entertainment, and event marketing. Students acquire transferable knowledge and skills among related industries for planning sports, entertainment, and event marketing. Topics included are branding, licensing, and naming rights; business foundations; concessions and on-site merchandising; economic foundations; human relations; and safety and security. 


Course Outline:

The course is divided into 4 main units:

  1. Understand career planning, marketing, product management, selling, and promotion for the sports and event industries.
  2. Understand marketing-information management for the sport and event industries.
  3. Understand marketing planning and promotion for the sport and event industries.
  4. Understand selling, promotion, product/service management and pricing for the sport and event industries.


Course Evaluation: 

Grading for this course is based on the following:

Classwork                           40%     

Quizzes/Tests                    60%

 The final evaluation for this course is a state End of Course exam. The exam counts 20% of the student’s final course grade. 


Remote Learning Expectations: 

  1. Be on time to the Google ‘Meet’
  2. Have active and appropriate conversations during the ‘Meet’
  3. Wear school appropriate clothing while ‘Meeting’(if camera is on)
  4. Complete assignments on time and submit ON-TIME...understanding late work is penalized
  5. Be proactive...ASK for help if you don’t understand or have problems..COMMUNICATE with me quickly


Make-up Work/Late Work: Students will be given 2 days to make-up work for every day absent. After the 2 day grace period or after the due date, 10% will be deducted for each day it’s late.

Course Summary:

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