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School Phone Number: 919-496-3975 (ext. 299) 

Calls and Meeting Hours: 8-9 AM 2:30-3:00 PM 

****If you can, please try to email me in advance to schedule a call or Google Meeting so I can prepare. This will also ensure that I have no other scheduled engagements.****

Course Overview

The desired outcome of this World History course is to help students develop relevant enduring understandings of current world issues and relate them to their historical, political, economic, geographical and cultural contexts. As students examine the historical roots of significant events, ideas, movements, and phenomena, they encounter the contributions and patterns of civilizations of the past and societies around the world. Students taking this course will broaden their historical perspectives. There are 12 units that we will complete this semester:

Unit 1 - Geography and Civilization

Unit 2 - First Religions and Empires

Unit 3 - Greece and Rome

Unit 4 - Eastern World

Unit 5 - Middle Ages

Unit 6 - Renaissance and Reformation

Unit 7 - Exploration and Absolutism

Unit 8 - Enlightenment and Revolution

Unit 9 - Turn of the Century

Unit 10 - Cold War

Unit 11 - New Nations and Democracy

Unit 12 - Modern Age


Student Expectations:

  • Prompt: Be on time. Come into the classroom, gather your materials, take your seat, and begin your work. 
  • Polite: Be nice or neutral to everyone. Bullying will NOT be tolerated. Please listen when others are speaking.
  • Prepared: Come to class ready to learn. Bring something to write with and a positive attitude.
  •  Patient: Great things take time. 
  • Productive: Use your time wisely. Listen to and follow directions. No Cellphones.



Progress Reports:  

  • Every 3 weeks Report Cards: 
  • Every 9 weeks. 


Materials Needed: 

Composition Notebook* 

Pencils and Pens*

Charged Chromebook!*




A: 100-90 

B: 89-90 C:79-70

D: 69-60 F: 59 and below 

Classwork/Homework: 40%

Quiz: 40%

Test: 20%


Online Class Structure: 

Class is 75 minutes and will be divided into Direct Instruction and Independent Work. 45 minutes of the class will be face-to-face (direct instruction) via Google Meet and 30 minutes will be a time for students to complete assigned work (independent work). This is also a great opportunity to ask questions because the teacher will remain in the Google Meet during this time.


Direct Instruction

(Live instruction with teacher. Prioritizes relationship building, opportunities for interacting with peers and new learning, and personalized support.)

Independent Work

(Recorded instruction by your child’s teacher or FCS specialists, Assigned activities (either digital or hands-on) to build skills or knowledge or practice and reinforce learning. Reading (assigned and personal choice reading)


Conferencing with students, PLCs, planning, Department meeting

9:00-9:45 (1st Period)


10:15-11:00 (2nd Period)




12:00-12:45 (3rd Period)


1:15-2:00 (4th Period)



Conferencing with Students



Students are expected to complete an assignment everyday. They have until the end of the day to complete assignments and the next day it will be graded.  There are only two kinds of assignments: Formative (classwork and homework) and Summative (quizzes and tests). Monday through Thursday you will complete Formative work and Friday you will have a Summative assessment.


Plagiarism and Retest 

Plagiarism, copying the thoughts, ideas, words, or other intellectual property of another, is a serious offense. Plagiarism will not be tolerated. All assignments that are plagiarized will be given a zero with no opportunity to resubmit the assignment. 



Students are expected to attend class every day at the designated time for both Direct and Independent Instruction. Students will be counted absent if they do not come to the Google Meet via internet OR via phone, OR turn-in work, OR log-in to Canvas at least once during the day (12 AM - 11:59 PM). Students that miss more than 3 days or 3 assignments will get a call home and their counselors and administrators will be notified.

Course Summary:

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