Social Studies Grade 7 - 40072Y01 - 19-20 - Keith - 9(A)

Social Studies Grade 7 - 40072Y01 - 19-20 - Keith - 9(A)


7th Grade Social Studies  

Ext. 275

At Franklinton Middle School, staff and students are to be: 

Respectful (Show It!)     Accountable (Own It!)   Motivated (Want It!) Safe (Be It!)


Classroom Rules:

  • Be a Leader!                             
  • Raise hand for permission to speak!
  • Raise hand for permission to leave seat!
  • Make wise, responsible choices!
  • Always ask questions!


  • NO unwanted cell phone usage in class!
  • NO bathroom for first or last 10 mins of class!
  • NO throwing items in class or in hallways!
  • NO hats, hoodies, or toboggans
  • NO horseplay or hitting students/staff

Classroom Conduct and Expectations

  • Be Positive
  • Seating will be assigned.  
  • You are expected to be in your seat with your notebook, starting your bell work as soon as you come in.
  • Show respect for yourself and others. 
  • Be attentive and alert during class.  
  • Do not eat or drink in class with the exception of water in a clear plastic container.

Consequences: (Will call home at anytime necessary. Referral for major offenses. Parents, check agenda daily!)

  • Verbal Warning / Parent Contact / Student Conference (Minor Incidents)
  • Silent Lunch / Parent Contact / Student Conference 
  • ISS / Conference / Parent Contact (Repeat Offenders, Major Incidents)
  • Administrative Referral / Parent Contact 


Grading: (Check parent portal to keep up with student grades.)

Tests and Projects: 40% Quizzes: 30% Classwork: 20% Homework: 10%

Graded using a 10 point scale: A = 90-100 B = 80-89 C = 70-79 D = 60-69


Supplies needed: Composition Notebook, Looseleaf Notebook Paper, Pens and Pencils

Major Topics Covered In 7th Grade Social Studies:

-Geography   -Enlightenment & Revolution   -WWII

-Renaissance & Reformation -Industrial Revolution -Depression

-Age of Exploration & Global Exchange -Imperialism & WWI -Cold War

-New World Order


Parents, if there are any questions, comments, concerns that we can address to ensure your child’s success in the classroom or in school, please email, call, or visit. Thank You!

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