Course Syllabus





-Weight Training will take place everyday throughout the semester.


Grading Policy:


-Weight Training(100%) - 50% Tests

                            - 50% Dress Out/Participation

-There will be 1 grade given per day in Weight Training.


Weight Training Requirements:

-Each student must dress out every day.  

-Students may wear:

-Athletic Shorts that follow the dress code in the BHS Student Handbook

-Athletic Sweatpants/Wind pants

-Athletic Shirts that follow the dress code in the BHS Student Handbook

-Athletic Shoes


-Students may NOT wear:

-Jeans or Jean shorts

-Spandex shirts or shorts

-Midriff shirts

-Tank tops

-Hard sole shoes (sandals, boots or slip on shoes)

-Jewelry (ears, nose, eyebrows, belly buttons)


-Students may NOT have in their possession during class:

-Electronic Devices/Cell Phones


-Book Bags



-Weight Training Grading:

-If a student does not dress out/participate (no sitting down) it will result in period ASO and/or a ZERO for the day. If the student is in ASO for any period of time, he or she will have the opportunity to make up those day(s) by writing a one page report on a sport related article for each day missed for a max grade of 60. If the student does not write the report they will receive a ZERO for their daily grade for each day missed. If a student has a doctor’s note stating they are unable to participate for a period of time, they will have to write a one page sports report each day in class for their make-up grade (worth a grade of 100). 

-Make-up Work:

- Students are allowed two school days to make-up any missed assignment for every one day they are absent. After the two-day period has passed, any missing assignments become late work. (See the late work policy) Quizzes need to be made up prior to the end of the current unit. Students have until the next scheduled test to make up a missed test. A score of “1” will indicate that the student was either not present the day the assignment was due or was not present the day the assignment was given. It is the student’s responsibility to visit the course Canvas page or the Absent-work binder in the classroom and get the assignments they’ve missed.


-Late Work Policy:

-Due to the nature of this class, late work (if present at school) is not accepted. If absent from school (see Make-Up Work Policy).


-Locker Room:

-Locker rooms will be locked 10 minutes after the tardy bell. You are given 10 minutes to dress and be ready to go for class. If it takes you longer than 10 minutes, locker room tardies will be tallied (3 locker room tallies = 1 class tardy). Make sure you are dressed, use the bathroom, and take care of all personal needs before coming to class. The locker rooms will not be unlocked during the class period. Remember to lock your locker, as we are not responsible for any lost or stolen items. You will be required to take your belongings home with you after every class period, as other classes will be using the same locker.


-Tardy Policy:
-The following is our new SCHOOL WIDE POLICY: Students are expected to be in the classroom (passed the door frame) when the bell begins to ring. Consequences for being tardy are outlined in the BHS Student Code of Conduct.


-Restroom/Water Breaks:

-Students should go to the restroom during locker room changing time, but if an emergency occurs, the student will be allowed to use restroom with permission. Students may not leave class to go get water unless given permission by the teacher.

-Contact Information:

- Coach Murphy –  or 919-496-3975 Ext. 236



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