Course Syllabus

Physical Science ● Bunn High School

Mrs. Renee’ Shearin ● Room 120

Email: ● School Contact: (919) 496-3975 Ext. 290

Virtual Class Days/Hours:  Monday-Wednesday-Friday 10:30am - 11:00am

Virtual Office Hours: Tuesday-Thursday 10:00am-11:00am

Available by email Monday through Friday from 8:00am - 4:00pm

Course Description

We will break this class into two major parts – physics and chemistry.  In our physics unit, we will cover motion, speed & velocity, forces and work, conservation of energy and how energy is transferred, electricity and magnetism.  In our chemistry unit, we will cover the types of matter and their properties, the structure of atoms and the periodic table of elements, chemical bonds & reactions and nuclear chemistry.


Pencils                                Loose leaf paper                 2 pks of note cards

2 inch 3-ring Binder            Charged Chromebook


Grading Scale                                                   Grading Breakdown

A        90 - 100                                                 Tests/projects                     50%

B        80 - 89                                                   Homework/Classwork          25%

C        70 - 79                                                   Quizzes/Labs                     25%

D        60 - 69                                                  

F        0 - 59

Final Course Grade

1st 9 weeks – 40%  ● 2nd 9 weeks – 40% ● Final Exam – 20%

*There will be an NCFE so there are no exemptions for this exam.

 Late Work:

Twenty-five points will be deducted from your scored assignment for each day it is late.


Please refer to the BHS Student Code of Conduct located on the BHS website.

Make-up work

  • If you are absent it is YOUR responsibility to obtain any assignment you missed while you were out.
  • You have 2 days for each absence to make up your work. This includes daily grades and tests.
  • If you are absent during a lab you will be given an alternative assignment focused on the same concepts.

Class Expectations:

  1. Students will be expected to be in the room and in their seats on time.
  2. Materials (pencils, paper, binder, etc.) must be brought to class EACH day.
  3. Homework assignments are expected to be completed and ready to turn in or go over at the beginning of class.
  4. Handouts and work will be kept in the student’s 3-ring binder unless otherwise noted. This binder is expected to be organized and brought to class EVERY day. The binder will be checked periodically through visual inspection or quiz and will count toward the student’s grade. *Please note that credit will not be given to any assignment that is not legible!!
  5. Be respectful: This includes your teacher, your classmates and yourself.
  6. Absolutely no cheating/plagiarism; this will result in a zero for all involved
  7. The room must be clean at the end of the period before leaving.
  8.  During drills or emergency situations please do as instructed and expected in a

 quiet and calm manner.

Food & Drinks:

Absolutely NO EATING in the classroom.  This is a SCIENCE LAB classroom; therefore, this rule also applies to the lab safety rules. Only bottle water is allowed to be out during class. 

Cell Phone Policy:

Cell phone and other electronic devices are not allowed during the hours of 7:30am – 2:45pm except during lunch. 


I will tell you about tests ahead of time and they may include any mix of any of the following:  multiple-choice, fill-in-the-blank, matching, and short response. All students are required to complete test corrections for half credit. Students will be given a test corrections template to help guide them to correct the errors on their exam.


Located under “Quick Links” on the FCS webpage.  The Home Base Powerschool Parent Portal provides parents with access to their student's schedule, classroom assignments, grades, attendance, demographic data and more.  The student and parent portals will be accessible to all students and parents with Internet access.  If you need assistance, please contact Mrs. Salter, ext. 224.

Report Cards:

Report Cards: April 8th and June 15th


Course Summary:

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