Course Syllabus

Physical Science Syllabus

Edwards – room 112


Telephone: 919-496-3975, ext. 328

Daily Materials:    

1) 3 ring binder              2) Notebook paper        

3) Pens or pencils   4) Subject Notebook 


25% Quizzes & Labs 25% CW, HW, 50% Tests, Projects .

Semester grading: 1st 9 weeks (Q3) = 40%, 2nd 9 weeks (Q4) = 40%

Exam = 20%.  There are no exam exemptions.

Always get assignments completed on time! 

1 day late assignments will result in -25 points.

Assignments will not be taken after 1 day.

All grades will be given based on a 10-point scale:   

A = 100-90         B = 89-80       C = 79-70            D = 69-60       

Class Procedures:

  1. Daily Warm-Ups will be done for a classwork grade. They may be collected daily or at the end of the week.
  2. Notes and guided notes should be kept in the binder, in order, for easy access.
  3. All classwork should be kept in the binder unless noted otherwise. Notebook checks may occur at any time for a test
  4. Homework will be given most nights. All returned/graded homework should be kept in the binder.
  5. Quizzes will be given throughout longer units and may or may not be announced.
  6. Tests will be announced ahead of time.

Attendance:   If a student exceeds 5 unexcused  absences from a class during a semester, the student may not receive credit and will have to repeat the course or make up the time missed.  Please be mindful of the days you miss throughout the semester!

Class Expectations:      

1. Be On Time.            

2. Be Prepared.           

3. Be Respectful.  This applies to everyone and their materials.

4. Be Part of the Team. There will be many group and class discussions.

5. No phones, food, or profanity.

5.Follow Directions.

Bathroom Policy:     

Bathroom needs should be taken care of before coming into the classroom. 

Food & Drinks: Absolutely NO EATING in the classroom.  This is a SCIENCE LAB classroom; therefore this rule also applies to the lab safety rules. Bottled water is allowed to be out at your desk but NOT at the lab counters.


There will be several online assignments throughout the course using various online platforms. Students will have time in class to complete assignments. Some online assignments may need to be completed outside of class. If internet accessibility is an issue, arrangements can be made to stay after school or time may be provided during the school day. I must know ahead of time so arrangements can be made.


Now called NCedCloud Login/Powerschool under “Quick Links” on the FCS webpage.  The Home Base Powerschool Parent Portal provides parents with access to their student's schedule, classroom assignments, grades, attendance, demographic data and more.  The student and parent portals will be accessible to all students and parents with Internet access.  If you need assistance, please contact Marie Salter, ext. 224.

Course Summary:

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