Course Syllabus

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Spanish 1

Bunn High School

Fall Semester of 2019


Instructor: Ms.  Mesias-Bynog

Email:  *Preferred contact method

School Contact: (919) 496-3975 Ext. 294


COVID 19 information

As of March 13, 2020, school is taking place online. Students are expected to do ALL work. It is NOT optional.

All my students are registered to Google classroom and we have used this medium, in class, prior to March 13, 2020.

Assignments are posted and submitted through Google classroom (unless otherwise noted)

Assignments contain instructions and links to needed sites. This format allows students to go to a specific site. When a student needs to log-in (which is important for scorekeeping purposes) the assignment will remind them to do so. Remember, this is an online format and is needed for this time.

Even students who do not have internet access or limited access, are required to complete ALL their work. WIFI locations are available throughout the district. A student can reach any of the sites (please practice safe distancing and stay in your car) download their material, work offline at home, save their work and then go back to the WIFI site and upload ALL their work.

It is the student’s responsibility to complete ALL assignments on time and turn them in.

Please keep informed as information is developed daily. This is new to all of us and we have to do our part during this time. No one planned for this time but as a community, we will come out stronger than before.


A partir del 13 de marzo de 2020, la escuela se está llevando a cabo a través de Internet. Se espera que los estudiantes hagan TODO el trabajo. NO es opcional.

Todos mis alumnos están registrados en GOOGLE CLASSROOM y hemos utilizado este medio, en clase, antes del 13 de marzo de 2020.

Las tareas se publican y se envían a través de GOOGLE CLASSROOM (a menos que se indique lo contrario) Las asignaciones contienen instrucciones y enlaces a los sitios necesarios. Este formato permite a los alumnos ir al sitio específico. Cuando un alumno necesita LOG-IN (lo cual es importante para los propósitos de mantenimiento de puntuaciones), la tarea le recordará hacerlo. Recuerde, este es un formato en línea y es necesario para este tiempo.  Incluso los estudiantes que no tienen acceso a Internet, o acceso limitado, están obligados a completar TODO su trabajo.

Lugares de WIFI gratis, están disponibles por todo el distrito. Un estudiante puede llegar a cualquiera de estos sitios (por favor practique el distanciamiento seguro y permanezca en su coche) descargar su material, trabajar fuera de línea (OFFLINE) en casa, guardar su trabajo y luego volver al sitio WIFI y subir TODO su trabajo.

Es la responsabilidad del estudiante completar y entregar TODO su trabajo.

Por favor de mantenerse al día con toda la información ya que nuevos acontecimientos pasan a diario. Esto es nuevo para todos y tenemos que hacer lo mejor que podamos. Nadie pudo predecir esto pero como comunidad, vamos a salir aún más fuerte que antes.

Course Description:

In this class you will learn:


  • Lots of vocabulary and grammar. (Grammar is important as it will help you and guide you on how to apply that vocabulary to daily living.)
  • Daily living activities such as:
  • Talk about activities
  • Say what you like and do not like to do
  • Describe people
  • School: activities, time, schedules, classes
  • Family activities: food, members, tell age, house places, party
  • Shopping: stores, clothing, colors, places around time
  • Sports: body parts, sports equipment
  • You will also be introduced to several Spanish countries and their culture.




Attendance: Students who miss ten or more days of this period are in violation of the FCS Attendance Policy and may be required to repeat the course.


Tardy Policy: The following is our new SCHOOL WIDE POLICY: Students are expected to be in the classroom (past the door frame) when the bell begins to ring. Consequences for tardy are outlined in the BHS Student Code of Conduct.


Grading Policy: FCS Grading Policy: A = 90 to 100, B = 80 to 89, C = 70 to 79, D = 60 to 69, F = Less than 60. The final course grade will be calculated by averaging each of the student’s nine weeks grades (at 40% weight each) and Final Exam grade (at 20% weight). Final letter grades will be assigned based upon the resulting average and using the scale above.


Grade Distribution for my class: 10% homework, 20% classwork, 30% Quizzes, 40% Tests/Projects


Make-up Work: 

  • Students are allowed two school days to make-up any missed assignment for every one day they are absent. After the two-day period has passed, any missing assignments become late work. (See the late work policy) 
  • Quizzes need to be made up prior to the end of the current unit. Students have until the next scheduled test to make up a missed test. A score of “1” will indicate that the student was either not present the day the assignment was due or was not present the day the assignment was given. It is extremely important that a student makes-up any Qui/Test immediately. This is especially true if the student was absent on the day of the Quiz/Test.
  • It is the student’s responsibility to visit Google classroom. There is a folder labeled “Weekly Classwork + the school week”. I will not accept late classwork


Classroom Expectations:

1) Be prompt – be on time and in your seat when the bell rings; be prompt about turning assignments in on their original due date

2) Be polite – and courteous to your peers and instructors

3) Be productive – use your class time wisely and to its fullest potential

4) Be prepared – come to class with your pencil, paper, Chromebook charged, assignments and knowledge (review every day on your own and at home)

5) Be patient – everyone learns at their own speed, demonstrate patience and understanding in this classroom


Restroom, Class Policy: 

  • Students will be given a total of 6 bathroom passes per quarter. The bathroom should be used during transition times and during lunch
  • Food in class is not allowed and only water in non-breakable clear containers. If a student has problems keeping their water bottle from becoming a toy, I suggest other options to help that student focus and not become a distraction.


Consequences: Students who violate the classroom and school expectations are subjected to any of the following consequences:

  1. Verbal Warning and name added to the behavioral chart (depending on the offense, consequences follow from losing the privilege to the relocation of the seat during class)
  2. Parent Conference
  3. ISS
  4. Administrative Referral 



Supply List: Students will need

  • A composition notebook (there will be lots of notes and classwork to be done. This will be their study guide) Remember, students' desk is not that big. Their desk will usually have their Chromebook and their notebook, and a worksheet or activity. A huge binder simply hinders progress.
  • A package of WHITE NOTECARDS. They will use one notecard per week, the rest will be for making notecards.
  • A Writing tool: black, blue. NO fluorescent, light colors or red.
  • HIGHLY recommended
    • If your student struggles with the touchpad (like me), a wireless mouse is truly priceless
  • EARBUDS ARE NOT ALLOWED IN THIS CLASS. Please make sure you take them off and put them up before entering my room.
  • Wired earphones will be used ONLY for listening in-class-activities. There are some for in-class-use.


Student work expectations: 


    • There will be plenty of work to be completed in a timely manner. This is a block schedule and it is a new language. Many activities will be done daily. It is a 90-minute block schedule
    • Some work will be done online.
      • These activities will automatically collect scores 
      • Some will require to log in so scores go to the teacher (i.e. studyspanish, google forms and others)
      • Some will require the student to send a report to the teacher (@hometutor). The teacher will make sure to remind students to send a copy of the report to themselves as a back-up
      • Some activities offer the ability to repeat for a better grade. However; once grades are in POWERSCHOOL, the grade will not change
    • There will be some projects. For such a time, grades will be posted when the project is completed or presented
      • Speaking projects carry a grade, they will be in Spanish
      • There will be projects which require the student to speak in Spanish in front of the class. 
    • Students are expected to participate in class and use Spanish when they speak




  • It is the student’s choice unless grades require intervention, but they need to practice their vocabulary for 20 minutes every night school is in session. THEY HAVE TO LEARN 10 - 15 NEW WORDS EVERY NIGHT.
  • Parents need to sign an HW log (the first one will be given to the student) Copies can be printed from Google classroom
  • HW log is to be turned in on the last day of the school week for full credit. It is late on the first school day of the following week and it will not be taken after the second day. There is a 10% penalty.
  • There is no make-up of HW because is a daily nightly-timed activity


Late Work Policy: 


  • There is a 10% penalty, per day, for any late work
  • Any late work needs to have a “LATE FORM” filled and turned into the teacher ASAP. 
  • I will not accept ANY late work after Friday of the same week


Extra credit:

There are no extra credit assignments in this class. Students need to complete ALL their work on time.


Credit recovery:

If a student scores lower than a 70 of a unit test, the student will have ONE opportunity per semester to re-take that unit test for a grade of no more than a “C”. This retake will have to be rescheduled for after school and before the next unit test. 


Cell phones

FCS and BHS policy states that cell phones and other electronic devices must not be seen, heard or used during school hours.  Any device that is seen, heard or used during school hours may be confiscated by school personnel and given to an administrator.  A parent or legal guardian can reclaim the device from the office in accordance with school and county policy. 


PowerSchool: Students and Parents/Guardians: PowerSchool is Franklin County Public School’s online site for receiving current, up-to-date information about your student’s progress in all four of their classes. Students and parents/guardians are able to view progress reports and track their performance throughout the semester. You never have to wait to receive grade information again!


School Messenger: Class information, work, due dates, etc can be found through Google classroom

Teacher website:  


CANVAS: This option will be used for class assignments only.


Extra-Help Opportunities: If your student is struggling, after working and knowing their vocabulary 100%, working diligently in class and outside of class, has exhausted all online help and remediation time, please set-up after-school time for additional help. The teacher needs to know at least 2 days in advance. There is no help on Monday or Friday.


Course Summary:

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