Journalism 2018-2019 S2 - Bachand - 2(A)

Journalism 2018-2019 S2 - Bachand - 2(A)

Journalism Spring 2019 (Yearbook) Course Syllabus - subject to addendum

Advisor:                Mr. Bachand


Classroom:           2nd Period Journalism – Room 617 and Room 505

Phone:            919 – 494 – 2332 ext. 251 (ext. 283)


Class Overview:

It is hard to believe that we are halfway through with a

nother school year.
I would like to take this moment to thank all of the students who worked on the yearbook in the fall, and also thank you in advance for all your hard work, effort, and artistic styling. We have a decent start, but we have a lot to do.

In the Fall, we wrote out a mission statement for the semester



We, the Franklinton High School Journalistic “Dream Team”, are individually dedicated HISTORIC STORYTELLERS who willingly choose to WORK TOGETHER as a family in order to BRING ALL ELEMENTS of our diverse student body, faculty, and extended families into ONE UNIFIED SCHOOL by capturing PRICELESS MEMORIES, including MULTIPLE PERSPECTIVES, and INSPIRING others through our IMPACTFUL CREATIVITY and thoroughly DETAILED PRODUCTS.


We have a several critical job to do. 1) Quickly develop our writing and designing skills

2) Research - find time sensitive data

3) Compose a commercially viable product - with a critical lens

4) Edit to near perfection (DEADLINE APRIL 8, 2019)

5) Publish

6) Distribute


Without you, the students of Franklinton High School would be missing a critical part of their academic journey, their memories.  This will be the class dedicated to the publication of the Franklinton High School 2018-2019 school yearbook, and the development of skills in order to complete the task. As a team you will develop a vast knowledge and practical experience in business management, document design, journalism, photography, marketing advertising, communications, and English Language Arts skills.


I will DIRECTLY act as an advisor and facilitator for each class overseeing your learning, but the work needs to be done by you. As a member of this team, you will be required, work diligently, professionally, and  as a team in order to complete each page of the book. FRANKLINTON HIGH SCHOOL is depending on you. There are already 191 books sold ($9900.00 and $4046.00 in ads.)


In addition, we will be expected to produce something beyond the book. Though I have a couple ideas, listed below, the development will be up to you and needs to be in place by the end of the semester, developed fully from April 8 - May 30th with substantiated, inspirational, and repeatable results. Channel 1 Type News Broadcast
Student Newspaper
Rampage - Student Edition

School Website

Bulletin Board


Course Goals:       
(1) To produce an award winning caliber yearbook which accounts for each student and staff at FHS.

(2) To produce an additional form of student information / broadcast / news / events
(3) To academically teach the art of journalism and improve your writing skills and style.
(4) To establish and maintain lasting connections between our team, our clients, our contributors, and the outside world through available technology.


We devised a theme for the book:

“Adventure isn’t hanging on a rope off the side of a mountain. Adventure is an attitude that we must apply to the day to day obstacles of life – facing new challenges, seizing new opportunities, testing our resources against the unknown and in the process, discovering our own unique potential.”  John Amatt

John Amatt is the editor of Voices From The Summit: The Worlds Great Mountaineers On The Future Of Climbing


Catch Phrases -

Carpe Diem = “Seize the Day” Live in the Moment Today: The Time of Your Life


Stages: Underclassman - From Dawn to Dusk Seniors -  From Dusk to Dawn

Course Description:
Journalism is designed for students who wish to be on the FHS 2018-2019 Yearbook Staff. This includes, but is not limited to journalism, composition, design, and publishing. Special emphasis is placed upon:
(1) Desktop publishing using online software (Herff Jones)

(2) Digital photography and videography techniques and application

(3) Digital editing (Photoshop and Adobe Studio)

(4) Journalistic feature writing techniques

(5) Document design

(6) Small business management

(7) Marketing and advertising

(8) Teamwork / Collaboration / Networking


Class Expectations:   
You will be expected to work hard in class as well as after school each and every day. The editorial board will assign you certain responsibilities in which you, as an individual, will be evaluated on. Staffers will be assigned pages / spreads/segments and be responsible for taking pictures, writing articles, conducting interviews, and designing their pages / spreads. You will be required to think critically and professionally, you must uphold a high level of maturity and constantly think before you act. Although most of the work is done in class, extra after school time will be required to meet deadlines. Schedule TBA.. Communication is the key to success in this course. You will often need to work with your peers to complete projects and meet deadlines. See attached Guiding Principles for more details. Being a yearbook staffer is a huge commitment. Students are also expected to attend school functions to take pictures (i.e. games, after school clubs, etc.). In class work time is crucial. Students who  miss a lot of school should reconsider taking yearbook since the workload without class time could be overwhelming.

Keep in mind that your work will viewed and judged by all your peers, family members, and teachers. Yearbooks are kept for many years and looked back at. You’re going to want to be able to take pride in your work.



(1) College ruled spiral notebook

(1)  One-inch three ring WHITE binder with clear plastic exterior sleeves (including sleeve on spine)

(1) Agenda book / organizer

(1) Small pocket memo book

Digital camera (preferred)   

Home computer (preferred)
Writing supplies (pens, pencils, highlighters, markers, loose leaf paper)
Contributions to the class are always welcomed - incentives / candy / cleaning supplies / kleenex / food / colorful pens or markers / etc            

FHS English Department Grading Policy:



Each class you will be introduced to a bevy of materials specific to the subjects included under the course description. Taking good notes, learning the jargon, and applying these principles to you visual and written assignments will help you galvanize the information prior to the test. Review and editing sessions will be held to clarify any confusion prior to the summative tests.

This category will also include major class requirements: such as Assigned Spreads and Segments


30% FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT GRADEThis category will include quizzes and short term projects which will be assigned throughout both nine week grading periods.. This category also includes specific after school coverage of elements offered by Team Coordinator. Regular graded checks will occur.


30% FORMATIVE PARTICIPATION GRADE – Participation will be assigned, tracked, recorded weekly by  team. Participation assignments can be assigned by the advisor, team coordinator, business manager, or design team.

Student work on yearbook pages will be graded based upon their on-time completion and quality. The quality portion of this grade will be based on how well the students follow the style guide, the changes suggested by the design team, team coordinator and adviser, the “publishable quality” of the pages, and the completion of the process checklist and page rubric. “Publishable quality” includes how ready the pages are for final submission—few changes should be required. The on-time portion of the grade is based upon meeting deadlines. You will be given a 20% penalty per day late on all pages assigned to you. Furthermore, yearbook staff members earn points for every day present in class. If students are absent (for ANY reason), they must make-up the time missed. School authorized absences may not require make up; however you may find that you need to stay after school to finish your deadline. Points will also be earned or lost from this category if class time is not used professionally, productively, and/or privileges are abused. Students will be reporting weekly with a contribution and planning log to help determine this portion of the grade as well as editorial board and adviser observations.


JOURNALISM 1 and 2 Grading Policy


JOURNALISM 3 FInal Grading Policy


Misrepresentation Policy:    

Any misspelled name or non sanctioned changes to a name , misidentified photo, or misquote on a page results in an automatic loss of one letter grade for the page in question.

Course Learning Goals:

Few classes or activities offer the diverse skills that are gained from working on the yearbook:


•Small business management Skills      

•Journalistic Skills/Word processing

• Concept brainstorming   

• Communication: listening, questioning, conducting meetings

• Reporting & Writing: composition, revision, proofreading

• Photography: camera basics, composition, selection & editing

• Internet Skills

• Graphic Design  

• Research & Interviewing

• Desktop publishing    

• Scanners / Tagging

• Organization

• Marketing & Sales Technology Skills

• Working well with a team of peers.

• Time management & deadline planning

• Computers…hardware and software                              

•Digital and Traditional Cameras   

• Uploading files to servers Life Skills  

• Leadership / Collaboration  

• Project management

• Problem solving



The book requires students to acquire content for all pages of the book.

Students will be expected to cover 1 after school event each 3 weeks (3 total events per Quarter/6 per semester)


OR substitute by


Attend weekly after school work sessions (BASED ON PRODUCTION STATUS)

Tuesdays 2:45pm-3:45pm (Subject to Change)

Journalism III students will meet
Thursdays 2:45pm-3:15pm (Subject to Change)




Feb 28 Mock Edition         

April 4 Homeroom Edition

April 8 Yearbook Deadline

April 13 Prom SATURDAY  Photo Shoot

April 14 Prom SUNDAY Finalize - Send Book
May 2 Homeroom Edition
May 30 Final Edition


Those these dates are not mandatory, there is an abundance of work that needs to be completed prior to publications and production dates. You ability to push ahead with the project, and be prepared daily for class will determine the duration and need for these sessions. I will keep students posted a week in advance of any changes to the schedule.
Regardless, I will be present at all of these sessions and dates, unless otherwise noted..

(FRANOCA) Governing Principles

(Read and initial each of the following guidelines you are expected to follow as a member of this team and realize that your grade will be impacted by your choices.)


______ (1) I acknowledge that being a part of the FRANOCA is a commitment that requires my consistent active participation and talents not only inside class perameters, but also outside of class with the coverage of events and after school planning sessions conducted on a weekly basis (DATE.TIMES TBA)


______ (2) I will be in class every day, ON TIME. If I am late, I will sign in and list a reason for the tardiness. I will notify Mr. Bachand if I need to leave the room on official yearbook business, sign out, and utilize a press pass. While out of the room I will act in accordance with the principles set forth herein. Mr. Bachand will announce class meeting location: yearbook - room #505, or (Mr. Bachand’s classroom – room #617. If I am absent, I will make up any missed class days on my own time, and realize that hours I do not make up may impact my grade in the class.


_____ (3) FRANOCA is a profession work environment, and will be conducted in such accordance. As such, I will use my time in class to work on FRANOCA projects only. If I don’t think I have anything to do, I will ask an editor how I can help. I can expect to receive consequences for using my time in class for anything other than official business.


_____ (4) I will work my hardest to accurately and completely cover the year’s events. This may mean that I have to attend events outside the school day to complete my work. I will correctly quote, correctly identify, and correctly represent every person covered in the yearbook. I will not use my privileges to get my friends in the yearbook, but work to get all students pictured a minimum of one time beyond their school portrait picture.


_____ (5) I realize that I can be held responsible legally for my actions. This means that if I create or support a libelous, offensive or illegal statement (verbal or visual) in the yearbook there could be severe consequences. While multiple safeguards will be in place to avoid such offenses, I understand the responsibility associated with printing publications which avoid such material.  


_____ (6) I will use the FRANOCA room responsibly. I will not use the room or equipment to complete personal projects. I will not allow my friends to use the yearbook room or equipment. I will ensure that the work environment is clean at the end of each class. I will track all equipment usage.


_____ (7) I will handle all FRANOCA equipment with care. When I check out a camera or other equipment, I will keep it completely in my own possession and return it promptly upon completion. I will not leave cameras laying around. I can expect consequences (including restitution—i.e. paying to repair or replace it) for mishandling, losing or breaking equipment while it is in my possession. I will also ensure that my photographs and video segments get uploaded and tagged immediately, and deleted frpm SD card upon completition.  SD cards are to be returned to Mr Bachand or editor in chiefs in a timely fashion,


_____ (8)  I will hand in my assigned FRANOCA work ON TIME, fully completed, per the deadline and other schedules set by the editors, under the guidance of the adviser. Any extensions must be approved in advance. I can expect that late work due to lack of time management and/or disorganization will greatly impact my grade.

_____ (9) I will become knowledgeable in all aspects of yearbook production, including, but not limited to: small business principles and protocols, marketing, advertising, document design, use of digital camera, computer applications and software packages, news feature writing, and caption writing, publication process, student press law, historical freedom of speech events, scheduling,  networking, and deadlines. I understand that some of the information will be learned through my own reading and through class discussions and presentations. I understand that I may be tested on this information and my grade will be affected.


_____ (10) I understand that I represent a team, and that my action affects the rest of the team. I have an obligation to show strong leadership skills throughout out the school day and at all school sponsored events. As a journalist / photojournalist I will obtain the permission of those included in my stories / photos. Furthermore, I will always respect and get prior approval from all FHS faculty and administrative staff before encroaching on their time and energy. Establishing and maintaining an effective schedule is paramount in creating a working relationship with my network of resources.


_____ (11) I understand that yearbook is a business, and as a business the first adage is the customer is always correct. I will work diligently at fostering a strong and lasting relationship between the customer and the team. This will include goodwill, conducting informal and formal polls, and of course selling a minimum of one ad in the 2018-2019 FHS yearbook. The ads will preferably be sold to the seniors and their families. Your ability to sell, promote, and market the yearbook will directly affect your grade in this class. In addition, I will learn to take criticisms, both constructive and critical, in stride. Remembering that the customer is always right – even when they are not.


_____ (12) I understand that though I am to see these projects through, which include weekly after school sessions, monthly production nights, deadline and prom weekend.


Acknowledgements (Student and Parental)
-  I have read and understand the guiding principles as set forth above, and agree to abide by them.

- I understand that consequences may result from choosing to not follow the aforementioned principles.


Signature of STUDENT ________________________________ Date ________________

- I understand the requirements of my son/daughter being on the yearbook staff.

Signature of GUARDIAN ________________________________ Date _______________

Course Summary:

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