Course Syllabus

Health Science I

Spring 2018

INSTRUCTOR:  Janelle Williams, RN


Course Objective:  This course focuses on human anatomy, physiology and human body diseases and disorders, and biomedical therapies.  Students will learn about heath care careers within the context of human body systems.  Projects, teamwork, and demonstrations serve as instructional strategies that reinforce the curriculum content.


Classroom Expectations

 The following guidelines are expected to be followed by all students at all times:


  • Students will follow the rules and policies of Bunn High School and Franklin County Schools.
  •  Students will be in their assigned seat and prepared to begin class at the time the tardy bell rings. 
  • Students will actively participate in all class activities and discussions. 
  • Students will behave in a mature and responsible manner while showing respect for themselves and for others.


Supplies Needed

 *2-inch 3 ring binder (for notes)             *pens/pencils                *1 pack of colored pencils       *Notebook paper                             *1 box of facial tissue (Kleenex)

*Index dividers for 3-ring binder (Total of 13 dividers)  You may want to buy an 8 pack and a 5 pack



  1. Structural Organization, Skeletal & Muscular Systems
  2. Circulatory, Lymphatic, Respiratory & Digestive Systems
  3. Nervous, Sensory & Integumentary Systems
  4. Urinary, Endocrine & Reproductive Systems


Grading Scale

       Tests/Projects                 = 50%              1st  9 weeks = 40%                             A=90-100

       Classwork/Homework     = 30%              2nd 9 weeks = 40%                             B=80-89

       Quizzes                            = 20%                                                                        C=80-79

                                                                        Final Exam = 20%                           D=60-69


Class Time Expectations

 Rules & Expectations:  (The 5 P’s)

Be Punctual.   Be Prepared.   Be Polite.   Be Productive.   Be Positive.


***If you talk during a quiz or test, expect a Zero.


*** Profanity and vulgar language will NOT be tolerated in my classroom at ANY time!!!


**Parent contact will be made when these simple rules are not followed.

Contact Information


Email: (best way to contact me)

Bunn High School Telephone number: 919-496-3975 ext. 350


Bathroom Policy

 It is important that bathroom needs be taken care of before coming to class.  Students getting up and going in and out of class is very disruptive to instruction time.  However, I am aware that emergencies do arise and I will work with students when these occur.  I am also aware that some students, not all, like to abuse the bathroom privilege. If I feel this is becoming an issue, I will speak with the student personally.  If this does not alleviate the problem, I will make parent contact at this time.


Homework and Make-up Policy

 Students will complete and turn in all assignments on time, as directed, to the best of their ability.  If homework is turned in late, there will be a 10-point deduction for each day it is late.


This is a fast-paced course so it is imperative that students keep absenteeism to a minimum.  A student’s grade suffers tremendously when they are chronically absent.  I cannot stress this enough!!


If absent from class, it is the student’s responsibility to get the information and work missed.  If assignments were given or a test was taken, the student has one day for each day missed to make up the work before it is considered late.  If an assignment was given before the student was out, it is due on the day the student returns.  I will keep a “Make-Up Work” folder in my class.  This is where the student will find work they missed while they were absent.  If work is not made up in a timely manner, the student should expect to receive a “0” grade for that assignment.


Tardy Policy

 Students are given ample time to arrive to class without being tardy.  On the first tardy, the student is given a warning.  On the second, the student is assigned lunch detention by the office and the parent is contacted.  On the third tardy, the student will receive another lunch detention and the parent is contacted again.  On the fourth tardy, lunch detention is assigned.  On the fifth tardy, lunch detention is assigned.  On the sixth tardy, there will be a parent conference with the administration and OSS will be assigned.  If there is a seventh tardy, the student will be assigned OSS and lose parking privileges.  All tardies are recorded in all classes.  If you will be late because you were with another teacher, please get a note.  When assigned lunch detention, students will not be allowed to use the Wildcat Line at lunch; students will each lunch in the lunch detention room.  No talking is allowed during lunch detention.


Integrity Statement

 Any student who engages in or attempts to engage in cheating, plagiarism, falsification, violation of software copyright laws, or violation of computer access shall be subject to disciplinary action.  I am expecting great things from each of you!  I believe in you!  I know together we can have a successful school year. J


Course Exam

 There is a required State Exam for this course.  Everyone must take the exam, so a student cannot be exempt.



Course Summary:

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