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"The Spirit of '76" by Archibald MacNeal Willard

 "The Spirit of '76" by Archibald MacNeal Willard


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AP US History


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1/21/18 - Hi everyone! Due to the revised Finals Schedule and the start of 2nd Semester moved to 1/24, please shift your pacing guide by one day. For example, all work and readings originally due on 1/23 are now due 1/24. Days that fall on a Friday, please shift to Monday. Thanks!

If you would like to review for the NCFE with Quizlet, please click HERE

1/7/18 - Hi everyone I hope you're staying warm during these off days! Please check under modules for your updated pacing guide and reading guides. Please email me if you have any questions.

1/3/18 - WELCOME BACK EVERYONE! Today we will discuss and work to understand the Forgotten Presidents

Today, 12/18, you were given Modified Pacing Guides. They will help your prioritize your reading and provide a topical-overview of what will be covered/discussed each day. They will be provided each Monday. Do not lose them - additional copies will not be given out. 

Reminder: Zinn Ch. 11 Reading guide is due Wednesday 12/20

EDIT: We have changed the due date of your Chaptter 22 Reading Guide to Tuesday 12/19. 

Chapter 20-21 Test will be tomorrow 12/11 - Day 71. We will shift the DBQ to Wednesday 12/13. Make sure your HAPPY Charts are complete by then. 

HAPPY Charts for the Civil War DBQ are due Monday - You will write the DBQ itself in class on Monday 12/11.

Chpater 18-19 test will be 12/1

Signed progress reports are due 11/29

- Hi Everyone! I hope you had an awesome break and got to enjoy some much-deserved time with your families. Back to reality: You will have a test on Chapters 18 & 19 of American Vision on FRIDAY 12/1 - expect AP-Style Multiple Choice Questions. We will have a quiz on chapters 1-10 of A People's History on WEDNESDAY 12/6 - it will be a combination of Multiple Choice and True /False. Be prepared to write a thesis ststaement for the book THUS FAR.

Ch. 18 Reading Guide is due Tuesday 11/21. Since I will be out for the Rho Kappa Trip, you will need to put your name on it and leave it in the tray at the fron of the room. There are no assigned readings or homework over break. Enjoy the time with your families. Also, please do not forget to review the OpenStax textbook. If enough students are positive about the book, we will switch to it and revamp the course assignments - remember, this is all about YOU and if YOU will succeed with this new text. 

Reform Movements DBQ is due Thursday 11/9. It will be scored as follows: 7=100, 6=95, 5=90, 4=85, 3=80, 2=75, 1=70, 0=65. No attempt to complete it will result in a "0". If you have lost your copy, another can be found under unit 4 in "Modules"

Hi everyone!  Don't forget that if you want 6% bonus on your next test, make sure to finish your Jacksonian Era DBQ. Reminder that the question is NOT the one listed at the top, it is posted seperately on Canvas. 

First DBQ - Alien and Sedition Acts - Is due Wednesday 10/25. Be sure to use the Rubric and Document Analysis / POV Sheets to help you. 

Zinn Ch. 6 is due Friday 10/27. 

All progress reports, regardless of grade, are to be signed and returned no later than Wednesday 10/11.

Zinn Ch. 5 due Thursday 10/12

Chapter 10 Reading Guide due Wednesday 10/11

Zinn - Ch. 4 Due Wednesday 10/4

Chapter 9 Reading Guide due Friday 10/6

Chapter 7 Google Slides due Wednesday 9/27

Zinn - Ch. 3 Due Monday 9/25

Chapter 5 Reading Guide - Due 9/20, Chapter 6 Reading Guide - Due 9/21, Chapter 7 Reaidng Guide - Due 9/22

Hi everyone - thanks for your patience while I update canvas. You will now find course information and notes under the "Modules" section. It is broken down by topic and/or Time Period. 


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