Course Syllabus

Virtual Office hours: M-TH 2:30-3:00 pm and by appointment via Google Hangouts; students can access links for these hours from either Gmail (Grades 6-12) or their Google Calendar (Grades K-12) sent from their teacher(s).  Paper packets for K-8 students that were distributed for April 6-20 can be found HERE.

Students will access course information by going to  Students will need their FCS google account username and password for access.

PARENTS:  To Request to be a Google Classroom Guardian, please contact your student’s teacher(s) via email.

What will parents view as a Guardian? 

Google Classroom Guide for Parents


Students will gain access to course information by going to Google Classroom and logging into with code: 

ezdl5bg  (C1). 

 ouaiz3a (C2). 

 uz64ypr (C3). 

 qihxtkv (C4).   

Access to Google Meets per Core: (C1). (C2). (C3). (C4).


*Students will need their FCS google account username and password for access.

PARENTS:  To Request to be a Google Classroom Guardian (Links to an external site.), please contact your student(s)' teacher(s) via email.  What will parents view as a Guardian? (Links to an external site.)  Google Classroom Guide for Parents (Links to an external site.)


Class Procedures:

At the beginning of each class students are expected to enter Google Meets with the code that had been provided by their teacher, and be ready to work. The daily student schedules will be available soon and provide class times. The first 40 minutes of class will be structured synchronous learning (guided instruction by the teacher), the last 20 minutes will be asynchronous learning (student lead and independent) based upon the material provided by the teacher as well as instructional videos. 

Each class will have a schedule covering: standards, learning target OBJ/EQ, resources, vocabulary (explore) bellwork to either introduce a new topic, or to review key material, explain (mini lesson with components) of: greet, teach, show, do, keep thinking (expand upon current knowledge), time for independent practice as well as, an exit ticket to conclude the lesson, and any homework provided. 


Homework policy: 

My plan is to provide homework as a review 2-3 weekly, along with quizzes/tests, projects, and assessments/benchmarks per quarter. There will typically be time to begin homework at the end of class (the last 5 minutes), though the remainder of the work will be expected to be completed by the student and turned in the following day, unless told otherwise. With remote learning all completed classwork and homework will be turned in either as a google doc, or through google classroom as decided upon by the teacher. 


Class Texts: 

Module 1/Q1: A long Walk to Water, by Linda Sue Park

Module 2/Q2: Lyddie, by Katherine Patterson

Module 3/Q3: Narrative Life of Fredrick Douglas (Slavery). 

Module 4/Q4: (TBD Water is Life). 


Topics discussed within these texts include: Journey’s and survival/working conditions (Q1), Identifying and transformation/then and now (Q2) Slavery (Q3), Screen time and the developing brain/water is life (Q4). 


Concepts to Master: 

Central idea




Story/literary elements


Hook, gist, claim: (intro and concluding paragraphs) 

Topic sentences per paragraphs

Supporting evidence-analyzing


Citing evidence (MLA format)

Vocabulary acquisition through interactive word walls/lessons

Past/present recurring issues

Outlines with formatting for essays (RACES) 

Journals/quick writes

Projects/presentations (small group/individual) 



Grade breakdown: 

Test: 40%

Quiz/Project: 30% 

Classwork: 20% 

Homework: 10% 


Required Materials: (Necessary)*

Chrome book and charger* 

Spiral notebook

1.5’’ binder

Homework folder 



Index cards 

Independent reading text

(Additional materials are based upon student need and learning style). 


Expectations and Procedures:

Students will be signed into Google Meet on time each day during their scheduled class time. Each class I will set the temperature for success, and expect the students to do the same by incorporating: Effort/participation, voice, and consistency = A Growth Mindset! Each student will be marked present for attending class, and graded by  participating in class discussions and completing work on time. 

In a student is not completing their work regularly, or is experiencing behavioral issues listed below is the plan of action taken: 

  1. Student-Teacher conference regarding expectations. 
  2. Parent contact.
  3. Team meeting
  4. Admin conference
  5. Restorative Practice(s)
  6. Referral to student services
  7. Additional consequence. 


The students will be expected and required to follow the RAMS CHOICE qualities each day, in every class, and will all of their peers, teachers, admin, and staff on a daily basis. All of these positive behaviors and choices will allow us to set the temperature in their classrooms and in their daily academic success and growth. Bullying is not tolerated and there is a zero tolerance policy. Both teacher and student(s) will work together as a team towards success! 



Power School is available for students and parents/guardians throughout the school year to allow for checking of student progress and work turned in including: grades, missing work, etc. I will make check-ins and phone calls home as needed as well as, emails to communicate what is going well as well as behavioral challenges. I require a working email and phone number from each parent/guardian about questions, concerns, and/or congratulatory phone calls home. If you ever have any questions, comments, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me at any time at:

I will be creating a contact chart and emailing it to all families as school draws closer, to fill out basic contact information to access during remote learning and beyond. 

I look forward to working with each of you during what promises to be a new norm of schooling and technology usage, though what will be a rewarding and successful year! 



~Ms. Kimberly Baechle 

ELA Teacher 

7th Grade