Course Syllabus

AP Computer Science Principles APCSP period 1

Mr P Conn

Contact information:

Virtual Office hours: 9-10 am Wednesday (By appt Mon, Tues, Thurs, Fri)

 via Google Meet; students can access links for these hours from either Gmail or their Google Classroom.  

As part of the virtual learning environment, students may be asked to use the following third party digital tools:

  1. Google Meets and recordings 
  2. Google classroom
  3. Khan Academy
  4. Quizizz

If you do not wish for your student to use these tools, please complete THIS FORM (Links to an external site.) and email it to me.

Students will access course information by going to Google Classroom  (Links to an external site.).  Students will need their FCS google account username and password for access.  If you have questions about the student login, please email me.

PARENTS:  To Request to be a Google Classroom Guardian (Links to an external site.), please contact your student(s)' teacher(s) via email.  What will parents view as a Guardian? (Links to an external site.)  Google Classroom Guide for Parents (Links to an external site.)

Need support for student device or account?  Please email


Welcome to

AP Computer Science Principles APCSP

Instructor: P Conn


phone: (919) 496-3725 ext 245

Course Topics:


Office Hours



Direct Instruction


Independent Work


Classroom Expectations:

  • Ask Questions. Ask Questions???
  • Attend virtual instruction.
  • Students are expected to be respectful toward their peers and their teachers. We are all here to support and help each other during virtual instruction.
  • If students have difficulty understanding directions or concepts, they should ask questions. Highly encouraged to be successful in math.
  • Mute mic while I am teaching unless you are speaking.  You may turn cam off unless you are sharing something with class.

How to Join the LIVE CLASS:

  • Go to Google Meet using the app launcher during your specified class time
  • Type the following code:
  • Please mute your microphone prior to joining

Weekly Calendar:


T (Links to an external site.)I 84 Emulator (Links to an external site.)

EquatIO for google (Links to an external site.)



Course Summary:

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