Course Syllabus

ESL SYLLABUS 2020-2021 

Room Number: 603

Instructor:Joleen Jackson/Joyce Vann 




Virtual Office hours: [9:00-10:15] via [GoogleMeet]; students can access links for these hours from either Gmail or their Google Classroom.  

As part of the virtual learning environment, students may be asked to use the following third party digital tools:

  1. Google Meets and recordings 

If you do not wish for your student to use these tools, please complete THIS FORM and email it to me.

Students will access course information by going to Google Classroom (can choose to insert direct link).  Students will need their FCS google account username and password for access.  If you have questions about the student login, please email me.

PARENTS:  To Request to be a Google Classroom Guardian, please contact your student(s)' teacher(s) via email.  What will parents view as a Guardian?  Google Classroom Guide for Parents

Need support for student device or account?  Please email


Course Description: The goal of this class is to increase English language proficiency in reading, writing, listening, and speaking within the content areas as well as social and instructional language. 

Attendance: Students who miss ten or more days of this period are in violation of the FCS Attendance Policy and may be required to repeat the course. 

Grading Policy: FCS Grading Policy: A = 90 to 100, B = 80 to 89, C = 70 to 79, D = 60 to 69, F = Less than 60. The final course grade will be calculated by averaging each of the student’s nine weeks grades (at 40% weight each) and Final Exam grade (at 20% weight). Final letter grades will be assigned based upon the resulting average and using the scale above. 

Grade Distribution for my class: 

  • 40% Classwork includes various types of work we do in class, either together or independently. It may include listening, reading, writing, or speaking. It will involve vocabulary, grammar, comprehension, and pronunciation. Participation and earnest attempts at all assignments are expected. 
  • 20% Projects are usually long term assignments that may be group or individual and will usually incorporate several standards and/or content areas. Students are expected to put forth their best effort and use as many resources as necessary to create a polished product. Students may be required to do some work at home but will always be given ample class time. 
  • 20% Quizzes are short formative assessments meant to check for student understanding and progress. Students are expected to study and do their best. We will always correct quizzes together, and students scoring below 65% may retake a similar quiz. 
  • 20% Tests are summative assessments of a particular unit or topic and students are expected to be prepared. Tests will not include any group work and will not be take-home. Students may or may not use resources at the teacher's discretion. Students who score below 65% may retake a similar test. 

Make-up Work: Students are allowed to make-up any missed assignments. 

Classroom Expectations: 

The Five P’s: (In addition, all other school rules, policies and procedures apply)

 1) Be prompt 

  • Be on time to the Google Meeting everyday at 9:00-10:15. 
  • Be prompt about turning assignments in on time.

2) Be polite 

  • Be courteous to your peers and instructors. 
  • Do not speak while the teacher is instructing online or talk out of turn. (Turn your microphone on when the teacher asks you a question.)
  • Put your questions in the chat box.

 3) Be productive 

  • Use your class time wisely and to its fullest potential. 
  • Always submit assignments in Google Classroom ONLY, with your name at the top. 
  • English should be spoken as much as possible. 

4) Be prepared 

  • Come to class with your pencil, paper/notebook, and Chromebook charged.

 5) Be patient 

  • Everyone learns at their own speed. 
  • Demonstrate patience and understanding in this classroom. 
  • Try to speak in English as much as you can. 

Consequences: Students who violate the virtual classroom and school expectations are subjected to any of the following consequences: 1. Verbal Warning 2. Parent/Guardian Conference (*loss of technology privileges if technology involved)  3. Administrative Referral 

PowerSchool: PowerSchool is Franklin County Public School’s online site for receiving current, up-to-date information about your student’s progress in all four of their classes. Students and parents/guardians are able to view progress reports and track their performance throughout the semester. You never have to wait to receive grade information again! 

School Messenger: Please sign up to receive School Messenger updates. 

Extra-Help Opportunities:  Each student will be assigned an ESL tutor to help with their other classes.The ESL tutor will schedule online tutoring times with students.


Course Summary:

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