Course Syllabus

Computer Science I

7th Grade

Mrs. Jerri Terry




I am available by email and telephone from 8 AM - 3:00 PM, Monday - Friday.  My daily office hours are 2:30 PM-3:00 PM.
If you would like to set up a phone or video conference, please send an email with a date/time that is convenient for you.  

Students can access links for these hours from either Gmail (Grades 6-12) or their Google Calendar (Grades K-12) sent from their teacher(s). 


Course Information and Assignments

Students will access course information by going to Google Classroom. (Links to an external site.)

Google Classroom Codes:

1st Elective:    xmt2p3j

2nd Elective:  m5jsv27


Students will need their FCS google account username and password for access.


PARENTS:  To Request to be a Google Classroom Guardian (Links to an external site.), please contact your student(s)' teacher(s) via email. 

What will parents view as a Guardian? (Links to an external site.) 

Google Classroom Guide for Parents


Course Description

Computer Science Discoveries I is an introductory course that empowers students to engage with Computer Science as a medium for creativity, communication, problem solving, and fun.

 Course Content

In this course we will be focusing on the following units:

    • Unit 1: Problem Solving
      • A highly interactive and collaborative introduction to the field of Computer Science.  You will practice using the problem solving process to address a series of puzzles, challenges, and real world scenarios.
    • Unit 2: Web Development
      • You will be introduced to the programming language of HTML and CSS.  We will focus on learning debugging and commenting skills.  By the end of this unit you will have your own personal website designed. 
    • Unit 3: Animation and Games
      • You will build on your coding experience as you program animations, interactive art, and games in game lab.  As the final in this unit you will develop a personalized, interactive program.


  • DO be prepared -  pen/pencil, folder, and a smile.
  • DO follow directions and keep a positive attitude.
  • DO be respectful, responsible, & cooperative.


Instructional Material 

There is no text book for this course. There will be handouts, worksheets, Google Docs, videos and lots of hands-on projects.


Student Supplied Materials:


Pocket Folder with paper




Academic Grades will be based on assignments, projects, and tests.  Student’s grade is determined from a percentage of the total points calculated.  Check Power School often for student’s progress.


Grades will be based on the following scale:

A 90-100

B 89-80 

C 79-70 

D 60-69

F Below 60 

Course Summary:

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