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General Music


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Ms. Campbell

Music Teacher





General Music grades k-5

Teacher: Hillary Campbell

Laurel Mill Elementary School



Dear Laurel Mill Elementary School Parents,

                My name is Hillary Campbell and I am the music teacher at Laurel Mill Elementary School. I am thrilled to have the opportunity of teaching your child and I am excited to meet and get to know all of you throughout this school year! We will be doing a lot of fun and exciting things in music class this year, so please keep your eyes out for notes that will be sent home regarding performances and events! Information will be made available on this canvas page as well.


Teacher Contact Information


School phone: (919) 853-3577


Grading and Class Expectations

Grading is based on participation, conduct, class activities, and quizzes.


In music class it is my expectation that students will follow our PBIS rules:

Be Safe- watching where they are going when moving around the room, staying in their assigned areas, and keeping their hands, feet, and objects to themselves

Actively Listen and Learn- being engaged in what we are doing, and asking questions if they don’t understand. Being ready to give their opinions and thoughts on the content we are studying.

Respect Everyone- raising their hand and waiting to be called upon, waiting their turn, and treating classroom materials with care.

Kind Actions Always- treating others with kindness. being considerate in their words and actions, and understanding that everyone has a different point of view.


Students who choose not to follow the rules will receive the following consequences:

1st: Verbal warning

2nd: Sit out and complete think sheet

3rd: Laps or silent lunch

4th: Sent to another classroom, contact home

5th: Office referral


Student performance information

This is where you will find information regarding any performances, concerts, and extracurricular opportunities that the students will be participating in.

Holiday Concert 3-5 (Links to an external site.) 

Spring Concert K-2 (Links to an external site.)

After School Music Club (Links to an external site.)

All County Chorus


Live music

In addition to teaching music, I am also actively involved in the professional performance community. My involvement gives me knowledge and experiences that I can share in the classroom. I highly encourage you to consider taking your child to live performances. Witnessing and being involved in the arts helps your child gain more creativity, more emotional intelligence, and to become better thinkers. It is also something that they may find exciting and enjoyable. Here I will share any information on performances I am involved in, as well as links to websites for various programs. If you are interested in going to any show, please do not hesitate to contact me. I may be able to get discounted tickets for you and/or your child.

Click on the link to find information about music opportunities in the community: Live Music (Links to an external site.)


Standards we’re working on

Kindergarten (Links to an external site.)

1st Grade (Links to an external site.)

2nd Grade (Links to an external site.)

3rd Grade (Links to an external site.)

4th Grade (Links to an external site.)

5th Grade

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