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Ronald Hayes

Contact information:

Google Phone:  919-351-9640

Virtual Office hours: Monday, Wednesday, Friday 11:15 am - 12:15 pm   Zoom Link Password: 9tFJxV

Tuesday and Thursday by email or phone 10:00 am - 11:00 am


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Mission Statement: Franklin County Early College High School’s mission is to provide small learning communities to prepare students for academic rigor, relevant coursework to build school and community relationships embracing 21st century skills. 


The framework of the early college high school is to ensure each student earns a high school diploma and a two year degree or transferable college credits in five years or less. Another objective of the early college high school is to improve high school graduation, college attendance and completion rate and to integrate students into the college culture at the high school level. 


Spring 2020

Course Information:                                   

Faculty Information: 

Course Name: Civics and Economics                                

Faculty Member(s): Ronald Hayes

Class Location: Room 111


Faculty Phone Number/email: (919) 496-1055   

TEXTBOOK:North Carolina Civics in Practice: Principles of Government and economics: will be used as one resource

If needed, a copy of the textbook will be available for overnight check-out.


Class Time: 1st Period (8:25 - 10:00), 2nd Period (10:00-11:25); 3rd Period (11:25-1:20); 4th Period (1:20-2:45) 

Faculty Tutoring Times: Tuesdays and Thursdays 2:45 – 3:45 


Class Supplies: 

3 ring binder 


Pens (blue or black)


Journal ( Composition Book)

Chromebook (provided by FCS)

Lined Paper


Course Overview: 

At Franklin County Early College High School courses require greater rigor, complexity, challenges and creativity.  In order to meet this goal, I try to focus on projects and presentations that require my students to show a deeper understanding of content matter and require them to exhibit their understanding creatively.


Course Outline: 

  • Unit 1: Principles of American Democracy
  • Unit 2: Structure of Federalism
  • Unit 3: Influence of Government
  • Unit 4: Citizenship
  • Unit 5: The Law and You
  • Unit 6: Free Market and the Role of Government
  • Unit 7: Trade
  • Unit 8: Personal Finance








The grading scale for this course is: 

A = 90 – 100 

B = 80 –90 

C = 70-80 

D = 60-70 

F = < 59  


Late Work:

Students are expected to turn work in on time. Students who turn in late work will receive the following credit:

  • One day late =80%
  • Two days late = 70%
  • Three or more days = 50%


Progress Reports:

Progress Reports will be sent out every 3 weeks and report cards every 9 weeks. 


Plagiarism: Plagiarism is the submission, either orally or in writing of words, ideas, drawings, or other works of another person as one’s own without providing the appropriate citation or otherwise referencing sources of such words, ideas, drawings or other works of another person for the purpose of receiving credit for having completed an academic assignment. This is a form of academic dishonesty that is unacceptable at Franklin County Early College High School. 


Statement of Goodwill: Every effort will be made to adhere to the above syllabus; however, changes can be made at the discretion of the teacher(s) and facilitator. 



Please read the following classroom policies below and sign the syllabus agreement.

  • No cell phones, iPods, or any electronic use in class, unless authorized by the teacher. If I see you with one out I will take it and a parent will have to come pick it up from the front office. 

  • Be respectful to your teacher, classmates, and yourself. Blatant disrespect will result in an office referral. 

  • Follow school dress code at all times. You will be immediately sent to the office if you are in violation of ECHS dress code. Refer to the student handbook for specific details. 

  • Be on time to class! After a student has received three tardiness, they will be given a silent lunch for each additional tardy. 

  • Do not leave your seat unless you are instructed to do so. Leaving your designated area without permission will result in silent lunch or an office referral. 

  • No food or drink in the classroom at any time! If there is a health issue where you need water or drink, please speak to me on an individual basis. 

  • Restroom breaks will be very limited. Please use the restroom before school, during breaks, and at lunch.  This will be discussed on the first day of class.  



I have read and understand the following policies for World History. I understand what Mr. Ronald Hayes expects from me to be successful in his class this semester. 

Student Name: ____________________________________________ Date: _________________________


Parent Name: _____________________________________________ Date: _________________________

Best phone number to contact a parent during the day: ______________________________________________

Best email to contact a parent: _________________________________________________________________

**Return this page to Mr. Ronald Hayes by Friday, 


By signing my name below, I certify that I have read the above syllabus and understand the expectations of the class and what the consequences are.  Please contact me with any concerns or questions at 


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Course Summary:

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