Course Syllabus


Instructors: Major Anthony Bond & MSgt Goodine

Contact information:

Virtual Office hours:  Tu - Th  (2PM (1400h) to 3:30PM (1530h)) via TBD; students can access links for these hours from either Gmail (Grades 6-12) or their Google Calendar (Grades K-12) sent from their teacher(s).   

Students will access course information by clicking on Assignments.   Students will need their student number and password for NCEdcloud. 

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AFJROTC Homework Assignment

AFJROTC Homework Packet.pdf




INSTRUCTOR’S NAME:  Major Anthony F. Bond (

                                             MSgt James Goodine (

TEXTBOOKS:  Cultural Studies: An Introduction to Global Awareness (AS)

                           Leadership Education I: Citizenship, Character & AF Tradition (LE)

                           Leadership Education III: Life Skills and Career Opportunities (LE)

Phone: (919) 496-3725 ext. 272 or 273

Mission, Goals, and ObjectivesMission - Develop citizens of character dedicated to serving their nation and community.  Goals - to instill values of citizenship, give service to the United States, develop a personal responsibility, and instill a sense of accomplishment in high school students.  Objective - to educate and train high school cadets in citizenship; promote community service; instill responsibility, character, and self-discipline; and provide instruction in air and space fundamentals.



 Aerospace Science 220: Introduction to Global Awareness – We will study the world cultures of Russia and the Former Soviet Republics (Chapter 4), Latin America (Chapter 5) and Europe (Chapter 6).

Leadership Education 100: Traditions, Wellness, and Foundations of Citizenship: We will study the American Flag (Chapter 5, Lesson 1) and Introduction to JROTC Programs (Chapter 1). 

 Leadership Education 300: Life Skills and Career Opportunities; Drill and Ceremonies – We will study Charting Your Financial Course (Chapter 1), Managing Your Resources (Chapter 2), Career Opportunities (Chapter 3) and Aiming Towards a College Degree (Chapter 4).  We also study drill and ceremonies.

Wellness Program: Physical Training (PT)We will conduct a Physical Fitness Test at the beginning of the semester.  We will do PT to improve your physical fitness and reassess at the end of the semester to measure your improvement.  A health assessment form must be filled out and signed by you and your parents/guardians before beginning the program. 

UNIFORM DAY: WEDNESDAY.  You will wear the prescribed uniform as directed by the AFJROTC instructors.  This will normally be short sleeve shirt (tie/tie tab optional) and blue pants/skirts although the service coat will be worn on occasions.  Your instructors will cover the proper wear of uniforms, hairstyles, jewelry, body piercings, etc. in class. 


 Aerospace Science 

Homework and classroom assignments will account for 10% of your total grade and all chapter tests will account for 30% of your grade.     

 Leadership Education  

Quizzes, classroom and homework assignments and drill participation will account for 10% of your total grade and uniform wear/inspection will account for 30% of your grade.  

 Wellness/PT Program

Grades are derived from participation (10%) and wearing the required PT uniform (10%). 


    GRADE                                                       PERCENTAGE

            A                                                                     100 – 90%

            B                                                                     89 – 80%

            C                                                                     79 – 70%

            D                                                                     69 – 60%

            F                                                                        59 – 0%


Tutoring:  Tutoring is available upon request. 


  • Be Productive
    • Pay attention in class
    • Ask questions about the class or related subject


  • Be Prompt
    • On time for class (National Anthem and Cadet Creed)
    • Turn in assignments on time
    • Wear the uniform on the assigned days


  • Be Polite
    • Address the SASI as Major Bond or Sir
    • Address the ASI as Sergeant Goodine or MSgt Goodine
    • Respect your fellow student and other teachers
    • Pay proper respect to the American Flag
    • Come to attention when special guests (Principal, Superintendent, etc.) enter the room


  • Be Prepared
    • Have all need materials for class (books, writing materials & uniform)
    • Use the bathroom before class


Cadet Guide - LHS Cadet Guide - 21 January 2020.doc

Cadet Creed - CADET CREED.docx

USAF Officer Rank - USAF Officer Rank.pdf

USAF Enlisted Rank - USAF Enlisted Rank.pdf

30 Step Drill Sequence -  30 Step Drill Sequence.pdf

PowerPoint Presentations 

LE100-C5L1 - The American Flag and Other National Symbols.pptx

LE100_PPT_C1_L1 - Organization of AFJROTC.pptx

LE100-C1L2 - The Military Uniform and Appearance Standards [Autosaved].pptx

LE100-C1L3 - Customs and Courtesies for Junior ROTC.pptx

LE100-C1L4 - Attitude, Discipline, and Respect.pptx

LE100-C1L6 - Social Etiquette and Dining-In, Dining-Out.pptx

Test #7

AS220-I - Introduction What is Global Awareness.pptx

AS220-C4L1 - Russia and the Former Republics - An Introduction.pptx

AS220-C4L2 - Economic Restructuring - Communism and Capitalism.pptx

Test #8

Russia and the Republics .ppt

AS220-C4L4 - Russia and World Relationships.pptx

US Interests and Regional Issues in Russia.ppt

Test #9

AS220-C5L1 - Latin America - An Introduction.pptx

AS220-C5L2 - Economic Reform, Leadership, and the Political Pendulum.pptx

Test #10

AS220-C5L3 - Cartels and the Growing Drug Trade.pptx

Poverty, Eductional Limitiations and Enviromental Challenges.ppt

CS_IGPPT_CH5_L5_US Interests and Regional Issues in Latin America.ppt

Test #11

AS220-C6L1 - Europe - An Introduction.pptx

AS220-C6L2 - The European Union.pptx

Test #12

AS220-C6L3 - Immigration, Terrorist Cells, and Ethnic Strife.pptx

AS220-C6L4 - The Creation and Collapse of Yugoslavia.pptx  

US Interests and Regional Issues in Europe-1.ppt


Course Summary:

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