Course Syllabus

Welcome to the new semester:
Math 1 Students:
***To calculate the final average;
                   - Marking Period 1 is 40%
                   - Marking Period 2 is 40%
                   - EOC Test is 20%

Before the EOC test, 80% of the final average is already calculated. It is not a
good idea to wait until the EOC and hope that the EOC is what is going to help you
pass the class. You need to focus and do your best all semester so you are not
stressing in January while completing the EOC***** 

Supplies for my class:
PENCILS (NO PENS)/ Colored Pencils / 1&½-2” 3-ringed binder(No spiral notebooks, please) / Loose Leaf Paper

We will be using TI-84 Graphing Calculators. These are expensive calculators and students
are asked to handle them carefully to avoid damage charges. The calculators are not allowed
to leave the room. Any work needing these calculators will be completed in class.

Grading Scale:
Tests 50%
Quizzes 30%
Homework/Classwork/ WarmUps 20%
Due to the weighted percentages, grades are not determined by adding up the scores and
dividing by however many grades you have listed.

Weekly Agenda: The agenda for the week will be on the side board monday morning. Please
read over the agenda each day while completing your warm-up to familiarize yourself with the day’s agenda and the week. Upcoming quizzes and tests will be posted on the agenda.

Homework/Class work: To be successful in math, practice is extremely important. It is
needed to reinforce each day’s lesson. Homework will be assigned almost every day and is
due the day after it is assigned at the beginning of class. “I left it at home is not a valid
excuse.” You are just hurting yourself if you do not have your homework in front of you when
the answers are reviewed. You have no way of knowing what questions you may have on that
concept. You may turn it in late but will receive a reduced grade. The maximum grade you can receive on late work is 70%

1. Show all work on all problems. Credit will not be given for problems if the work is not
shown. Since homework is an effort grade, you will receive a grade based on what you
complete. If you complete 4 out of 7 problems, you will receive a grade of 57%.
2. You will receive a zero if you do not have your homework out on your desk when I walk
around the room to check it. Put your homework on your desk at the beginning of class
every day.
Whether it is right or wrong or you don't understand, I still want to see the effort
put in and all the steps followed. We will go over the problems the next day in class.
It is the students responsibility to get the assignment missed during an absence and
turned into the make-up basket quickly. Failure to turn it in results in a zero and cannot be
made up. I will not check make-up work at your desk. PLACE IT IN THE PURPLE
BIN!!!!! If it is not in the bin, it will not be graded.

Tests: You will have a major test at the end of each unit. Longer units may be broken into
more than one test. Be present on test day unless you are sick. Since tests will be
announced several days in advance, you will be expected to take the test upon your return
from an absence. IF YOU ARE ABSENT THE DAY BEFORE A TEST, YOU WILL TAKE THE TEST WITH THE REST OF THE CLASS (keeping in mind that you have missed the test review). If you do miss a test, be ready to take it when you get back. Students who cheat, talk, or communicate with each other during a test will be given a zero for the test.
After everyone has taken the test, there will be remediation during class time and a retest
will be given. Retests are not optional and are completed during class time. This also will be
announced in advance.

Quizzes: You will have announced quizzes on small sections of material. These quizzes will
be announced one or two days in advance. You will be expected to make up all quizzes. If
you miss a quiz, you will take the quiz upon your return to class. You will have at least one
quiz per week.
****I will not assist you on quizzes or tests so make sure you receive assistance
before either by asking questions during the lesson or after school *****

Warm Ups: You will be given the warm ups for the week on Mondays. You will be
responsible for keeping this in your notebook. These problems will consist of review material
that has been covered the previous days. In order to do well on these, you must review the
notes covered in class. The warm up will begin immediately when the bell rings. You will be
allowed to use your notes to complete the warm up and you can work with your desk partner
but that is all. Everyone should have his or her notes on the desk at the beginning of class.
If you have a question on the warm up questions, look in your notes for hints before
asking. I will collect the warm ups on Friday and grade two of the days. If you are absent on
one of the days I grade, do not panic, you can make it up.

Progress Reports: Grades will be updated every Sunday in PowerSchool. On Monday, (or
Tuesday if it is a powerschool weekend) you will receive a progress report from me with
assignments highlighted. You will have the opportunity to resubmit these assignments for a
better grade. Warm Ups will be regraded and the higher grade kept. Homework considered
late will receive a grade no higher than 70%, homework without a grade due to absence will
receive full credit as long as submitted by the due date. The weekly progress report report
will be color coded for the week and MUST be signed by a parent/guardian in order for the
assignments submitted to receive credit.

Absences can be very detrimental since an actual lesson is missed. Avoid absences if at all
possible. You must be in class at least 60 minutes of class to be marked present. If
you must be absent, it is YOUR responsibility to look in the assignment folder to find out what was missed and to make it up. Place it in the “make-up” basket as quickly as possible. Get the notes you missed from a reliable classmate. You are responsible for making up work if you miss class when you miss class but are at school or on a field trip. It is YOUR responsibility to obtain the assignment.
Note: Please be familiar with the Franklin County attendance policy. Students are required
to be in attendance for a minimum of 80 days per semester for semester courses.
Any student not meeting this requirement will be subject to review by the
Attendance Committee near the end of each semester. Students in this category will
receive further information from the Principal’s Office after the completion of the
review. Students not in attendance for at least 80 days per semester are subject to
failure in the class(es) per North Carolina Public School Law.

There is no time during the class to be disruptive or disrespectful toward other students or
towards me. Behavior that disrupts the learning environment will not be accepted. Students
are asked to come to class prepared to learn and do their work.
I will be following the 4-block discipline policy. When you are disruptive in class, I will
have a short talk about how to change your behavior and you will be asked to sign the block.
Once the 4 blocks are filled, you will then be referred to the grade appropriate administrator.

1. Be on time and prepared for class. Be in your seat, have pencils sharpened, and have your
homework assignment on your desk before the tardy bell rings. Also, you are required to
bring your notebook every day to class and have it out on your desk at all times.
2. Remain in your assigned seat until you are dismissed. You may get up to sharpen your
pencil ONLY IF i’m not speaking. You are young adults, use your best judgement.
3. Raise your hand to ask a question pertaining to what we are doing. If you have a question
about something unrelated to the lesson, that question can be answered after class.
4. Stay focused on the lesson. Do not pass notes, write personal notes, comb or brush hair,
apply makeup, or carry on conversations with classmates in class.
5. Do not bring food or drinks in class. Administrative Policy. (Water Bottle with a top is ok)
6. Keep cell phones, ipods, or any electronic devices turned off and put away.
Offense 1 - I will ask for it and you can have it back at the end of class and sign a block
Offense 2 - I will ask for it, give it to the office, call home and you will sign another block
7. If you are chewing gum, it must not be heard or seen. Keep it in your mouth
8. Permission will not be granted to make a phone call, or to go find another student, etc.
There will be a specific policy in place for restroom visits.
9. Bring your notebook, papers, pencil, and homework to class every day.
10. Absolutely no talking during instruction, tests, quizzes, or other specific times
that are determined by the teacher.
Note: You are expected to follow all policies listed in the Franklinton High School
Handbook. These include policies on dress code, tardies, attendance, skipping class,
etc. It is your responsibility to read and be aware of all policies and consequences
covered in the handbook

****Throughout the semester, I am giving you opportunities to improve your grade.
Waiting till the end of the marking period or the end of the semester may be too
late. Please take advantage and do not be afraid to ask for help. ****

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