Course Syllabus

Jennifer Gibbs

Tutoring: Tuesday and Wednesday until 3:30pm. Test and Quiz Corrections can be completed at this time to improve grades. 


Phone: (919) 494 - 2332 ext.268

Math I provides students the opportunity to study concepts of algebra, geometry, functions, numbers and operations, statistics and modeling throughout the course. These concepts include expressions in the real number system, creating and reasoning with equations and inequalities, interpreting and building simple functions, expressing geometric properties and interpreting categorical and quantitative data.

Course Topics:

  • Linear Equations and Inequalities
  • Systems of Equations and Inequalities
  • Quadratic Functions
  • Exponential Functions
  • Statistics

Required Materials: (needed daily)


  • Math ONLY Notebook


  • 4 Dividers – Notes, Classwork, Resources, Extra Notebook Paper
  • Pencils and erasers
  • Color Pencils and/or Crayons 
  • White Board Markers (to write on desk, Optional)
  • Clorox Wipes (Teacher Request/ Extra Credit)
  • TI 84 plus Graphing Calculator (Optional)

Classroom Rules and Expectations:

    • Productive. Maximize learning time by staying on task, following directions and remaining seated. 
    • Patient. Wait respectfully and calmly for your turn. Do not whine or complain.
    • Prepared. Bring all necessary materials and completed assignments to class each day. 
    • Prompt. Be on time, enter the classroom quietly and sit in your assigned seat. 
    • Polite. Be nice or neutral, but not rude or harsh. No bullying; this is a safe environment. 


  • All work needs to be completed with a pencil.


  • No eating, drinking or chewing gum in the classroom. Clear drink bottles with water and screw on closeable lids are allowed.
  • No use of lotions/ body spray/ perfume/ scented hand sanitizer/ spray deodorant in the classroom due to students with asthma and allergy problems. 
  • Only your notebook, calculator, pencil sharpeners and pencils are permitted to be on your desk.
  • Cell phones should be put away and turned off
  • Students should use the restroom before or after class.  


    • 1st Offense – Warning – verbal or non – verbal
    • 2nd Offense – removal from class and administrative referral

*Severe class disruptions and inappropriate behavior will result in immediate removal to ISS. 

**No student will be allowed to disrupt the learning of his or her classmates.

Required Activities:

  • Daily class attendance is necessary, it is the 

student’s responsibility to complete and turn in all 

make-up work. The student is required to make up 

all missed work within 2 days after returning to school.


    • Notebooks.  Students are required to take notes daily, they must be organized by date and include a title. 
    • Classwork/Homework.  Homework is assigned daily!  Expected to be completed. The student must SHOW ALL work IN PENCIL to receive full credit.


  • Quizzes.  Announced and Unannounced.
  • Tests.


Evaluation Method:

Tests/Projects: 50%

Quizzes: 30%

Classwork/Homework: 20%

End of Course Exam: 20% of overall grade.  

Grading Scale:

A = 90 – 100

B = 80 – 89

C = 70 – 79

D = 60 – 69

F = 59 and below

Important Dates:

February 10 - Teacher Workday 

February 19 - Early Release

March 13 - Teacher Workday

March 18 - Early Release

March 27 - End of Quarter 1

April 10 - Holiday

April 13-17 - Spring Break

May 13 - Early Release 

May 25 - Holiday 

June 3-5 & June 8 - Exams 

June 9 - Early Release

Course Summary:

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