Course Syllabus


AP English IV: English Literature and Composition

(a.k.a. Everything you ever needed to know about everything you did not know that you needed to know).


Mr. Jackson

Room 614


Office Hours

I am available in my room during all of first period. I am also available after school on Tuesdays and by appointment on Wednesdays and Thursdays.


Course Description


Read from CollegeBoard AP Course Description.



The grading scale for this course will follow the FHS standard as listed in your Student Handbook. Your final grade in this class will be the average of each of the 2 nine-week grading periods (40%) and your final exam (20%).

Tests and Projects: 40%

Quizzes: 30%

Writings: 30%

(Normally, English IV is 30/20/20/30% with the final category being the Senior Project. For AP, the project is delayed out of the third quarter to concentrate focus on the AP Exam, and so its value will be integrated into other categories in the fourth quarter.)


A’s – An “A” represents exceptional work that has gone above and beyond the scope of the assignment or surpasses the level of mastery expected for this course. (90+ on the 100 point scale)

B’s – A “B” represents work that has correctly fulfilled all requirements and met expected levels of mastery. (80-89 on the 100 point scale)

C’s – A “C” represents work that has either not fulfilled all requirements or has not met expected levels of mastery. (70-79 on the 100 point scale)

D’s – A “D” represents deficient work, not acceptable for an honors course. (60-69 on the 100 point scale)

F’s – An “F” represents failing work, not acceptable for any course. (1-59 on the 100 point scale)

0’s – A grade of 0 is given for missing work, plagiarism and cheating, work requiring disciplinary intervention, or work that cannot be graded and attributed (illegible, no name, etc.).


Independent Readings

There will be many independent readings during this course. I will assign these texts to maximize the use of the books from the school’s and my personal collections and minimize the need for students to acquire their own texts. I cannot, however, guarantee total coverage and in those cases assign books randomly. If you need to find your own texts, libraries are free (school and public) if you get there first, used bookstores are cheap if they have the book, and bookstores are always in stock of the books I assign. (Due to class size, all students should each expect to acquire some of the texts for the course.)


Please note, independent reading means exactly that, readings that you are independently responsible for. This has historically been a place where students have got themselves into trouble, since you cannot read a book the night before and notes (Cliff or Spark) will not help you with Reading Tests. Furthermore, the pacing is left entirely to you, so make sure you leave yourself time to read at the pace that you read at.



Each student will be responsible for procuring and bringing to class each day:

1) A black, 1-inch, undecorated, 3-ring binder dedicated solely to the class.

2) An ample supply of college ruled loose leaf paper; paper torn from a composition notebook will not be accepted.

3) At least two black pens (no other color will be accepted on work).


Students will also be expected to bring to class each day any books signed out to the student, including both textbooks and novels.


Please note, no other materials will be allowed at the student’s desk. All unnecessary bags, materials for other courses, and personal belongings should be left in the student’s locker. This includes purses, which may be kept closed behind, below, or beside the student’s desk, but will not be permit to reside on the desk or in the student’s lap.


The Classroom

The phone, thermostat, windows, blinds, cabinets, and my desk are off limits to all students at all times. Students will not be allowed to make outgoing phone calls and will only be allowed to go to the office to do so with a valid stated reason – no exceptions. Please note, the classroom tends to be a bit cool, so remember to bring an extra layer if you chill easily.  


Bathroom Privileges

Apart from medical conditions delivered through the nurse’s office, bathroom use will be limited to once per week. This will include any similar cause for leaving the room (water, tissue, etc). This does not include times when the student is called from the room (checkout, guidance, assemblies, etc.).



All work must be headed with the student’s complete last name and period. Work submitted without name, period, on inappropriate paper, or in anything other than black ink will either be returned, discarded, or deducted.

All in-class work is due at the assigned times. Projects and other long-term assignments are due to me by the end of the school day (3pm).

Projects and other assignments should be typed. Only class work and assignments due within 24 hours of assigning will be accepted handwritten.



Students need to be in class every day they are capable of physically being in class without harming themselves or endangering others. See the student handbook for the entire policy.



Other Rules


  • No food, drink, candy, or gum (plain bottled water in clear bottles only)
  • No electronics (including cell phones, calculators, iJunk, and alarm watches)
  • No whining
  • No sleeping or putting your head down
  • No inappropriate use of communication (out of turn, vulgar, or volume)
  • Bring your supplies every day (pen, paper, books, or notebook)




As an AP class, all students should expect college level work. Therefore, students must be productive, self-monitoring, and organized. Students are expected to take and review their own notes, participate fully in class activities, and behave.


Student Information Form

(Complete this form and return it)


Full Name (Called Name): _________________________________ (_________________)

DOB: ___/____/ ______

Address: ____________________________            Home Phone: (____) _____ - ________

                ____________________________            Cell Phone:    (____) _____ - ________

                ____________________________            Email: __________________________


Mother/Father/Guardian Information:


MFG Name (Relation): __________________________________ (__________________)

__Home Phone: (____) _____ - ________   Contact Information: ___________________

__Cell Phone:    (____) _____ - ________   ______________________________________

__Work Phone: (____) _____ - ________   ______________________________________

__Email: __________________________   ______________________________________


MFG Name (Relation): __________________________________ (__________________)

__Home Phone: (____) _____ - ________   Contact Information: ___________________

__Cell Phone:    (____) _____ - ________   ______________________________________

__Work Phone: (____) _____ - ________  ______________________________________

__Email: __________________________   ______________________________________


Your Schedule:

Homeroom Teacher: _________________________________________ Room: ________

1st Class: ___________________ Teacher: __________________________ Room: _____

2nd Class: ___________________ Teacher: __________________________ Room: _____

3rd Class: ___________________ Teacher: __________________________ Room: _____

4th Class: ___________________ Teacher: __________________________ Room: _____


Which Lunch do you attend?       (Circle one):    1            2          3          4          5         


Do you work? If so, where, doing what, and how many hours a week? _______________



Is there anything else I should know about you? __________________________________






I have read the syllabus for AP English IV and I am familiar with its contents.



Student Signature: _____________________________ Date: ________________



Parent Signature: _____________________________ Date: ________________

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