Course Syllabus

Weight Training Syllabus

Physical Education Elective


Teacher: Mr. Elerod D. Morris, Sr       Course #:  901523       School #:  919.494.2332 Ext. 304


Classroom:  Weight Room # 007


Class Objectives


The purpose of this class is to increase the student’s strength, agility, and overall physical fitness.  This will be achieved with a variety of lifts and conditioning drills.  I hope to educate students on the importance of exercise and physical fitness as a part of their overall education and their lifestyle. 


Class Grades:

Dress …………………………20%

Conditioning …………………30%

Participation …………………50%


Semester Grade consists of:

1st Nine Weeks ……………….....40%

2nd Nine Weeks………………….40%

Final Exam……………………...20%




Each individual in this class will be evaluated on their willingness to try different lifts and conditioning drills and not necessarily on their ability level.  Every student is expected to dress out, complete dynamics, and participate in the respective lift and/or conditioning drill each day.  The main lifts will be bench, squat, and deadlift. Students will practice numerous lifts and exercises focused on increasing strength and agility.


Attendance Policy

Students who attend class regularly are more successful in class.  If you must be absent, please bring a note from home the following day.  Absences are excused for the following reasons: illness or injury, quarantine, death in immediate family, medical or dental appointment, court or administrative proceedings, religious observance, educational opportunity.  However, Franklin County Schools Policy states that students must be present in class at least 80 days to receive a passing grade in the course.  Students who are absent should check with me before or after class for make-up work when they return.  Make up work (due to absence) is allowed two days for each day of absence. 

Restroom Policy

 Students will be expected to use the restroom at the beginning of the period during dress time or at the end of the period. Restroom usage during class will be at my discretion. 




*Students are to be in the Weight Room area before the TARDY bell rings.  

*Students report straight to locker room to dress for class.

*Students will be instructed when to report to weight room for attendance.

*There is a zero-tolerance policy for horseplay in locker room or gym areas.

*Students will have 8 to 10 minutes to dress at beginning and end of class.

*No profanity.

*Be respectful.

*Be prepared (gym clothes and shoes).

*Have a great attitude and work ethic.

*No food, drinks, or electronic devices are permitted in the weight room at any time.

** Failure to follow rules will result in consequences including: parental contact, conferences with student or parent, lunch detention, and ISS. 


Each student will be expected to use his or her best behavior while in the locker room area and in the weight room. Profanity and horseplay will not be tolerated, and failure to follow the rules will result in disciplinary actions. 


I hope everyone has a positive experience this semester.  I will be glad to discuss any student’s progress with his/her parents or the students at any time during the semester.  I hope we have a great semester!


I have read and understand the rules and regulations for Advanced Physical Education at Franklinton High School.


___________________________________________________________________ FHS Grading Scale

Student’s Signature A- 90-100


___________________________________________________________________ C-70-79

Parent/Guardian’s Signature D- 60-69

F- 0-59


Phone Numbers: Home/Work/Cell





Please sign and return this entire form to the Franklinton High School Physical Education Department. We need this form to complete our records. All students involved in weight training class will be required to complete Physical Fitness Tests. Please indicate on this form any restrictions that will limit your child’s participation in these tests. 



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