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French I

Bienvenue! Welcome to the beginning of your French studies


Contact Information : 

Mrs. Diouf


Location : Classroom 731

Tutoring day : on Thursdays 245-400 pm (by appointment)

Google Classroom code : bt9h26


Course Description:

This course is designed for students who have never studied French before, or who have had only limited experience in beginning French courses. Grammatical concepts are introduced and practiced within the context of basic, everyday French vocabulary and themes. Students will deepen their knowledge of French and Francophone culture and increase their communication skills. As they increase in fluency, they should feel very comfortable using their newly acquired skills in and outside the classroom. The importance of communication and cultural awareness is stressed through a wide variety of activities (group/pair work, video, audio recordings, computer assignments, etc.).



Our curriculum is informed by the North Carolina Essential Standards for World Languages instruction.  A student who successfully completes this French I course will be able to do the following:

  • Use the language to engage in interpersonal communication
  • Understand words and concepts presented in the language
  • Use the language to present information to an audience
  • Compare student’s own culture with the target culture

Instructional Philosophy:

All students are individual, and everyone learns in their own unique way. I try different approaches until I find a way to reach the student. My lesson plans promote active learning and participation through discussions, skits, presentations, games, and small group activities.


The grading system will be organized by percentage of final grade, with each assignment type weighted differently and the final grade determined from the percentage correct of student work in each category. Assignment types and their individual point values are as follow:

  • Tests & Projects: 40%
  • Quizzes: 30%
  • Classwork: 20%
  • Homework: 10%


Franklinton High School uses a nine-week grading period, and students will receive one midterm report card each semester and one end-of-the-semester report card each semester.  We use a ten-point grading scale, meaning that 100-90 will be an A, 89-80 will be a B, 79-70 will be a C, and 69-60 will be a D (anything below a 60 is considered a failing grade)


Classroom Expectations: 

  • Be appropriate, be respectful, be responsible.
  • Please show common courtesy and respect to all others at all times: listen when other people are talking, respect each other and the learning environment, do not disrupt the class.
  • No sleeping in class
  • Bring all materials to class with you every day: students shall come prepared to class with appropriate material (paper and pencil, etc.)
  • Please clean up after yourself: Students shall help maintain a neat and orderly classroom. Put returned papers in your folder or backpack (not under your seat). Put trash and recyclables in their correct container. If you use school’s books, please put them back on the shelf.
  • Raise your hand before speaking or before asking for permissions to leave your seat
  • No hats, no gum and no drinks at any time during class (clear water is OK)
  • Please do not pack up or put your things away early.
  • Remain seated until the bell rings.
  • Cell phones and IPods are NOT allowed in the classroom.

Absences/Makeup Work:
Absences and make-ups are the responsibility of the student. Students are responsible to get the notes that were taken the day(s) that they missed from a classmate.

In the event of an absence, students should ask for any make-up work before/after school OR during a non-lecture portion of class.  Careful records will be kept, and students will have access to all missed work and notes, but it is their responsibility to ask for it.  Make-up work must be completed and returned within two weeks of the missed deadline – after that, whether or not to accept the work (and how much credit will be given) is up to the teacher’s discretion.


Supplies and Materials Needed: 

  • Students will use books from the ‘Bien Dit’ series: this book is available from the school. Additional texts or books may be used in class at the teacher’s discretion and based on the topic studied;
  • Three-ring binder with 3 dividers and lined paper: one section for assignments in class, the second section for the notes (vocabulary, grammar…) and the third section for handouts and worksheets;
  • Chromebook;
  • 3-hole punch;
  • Pen and pencil.


Extra Help: 

I will make myself available as much as possible. If you need extra help or have any concerns, please do not hesitate to contact me. I’m available to meet with students before and after school by appointment.



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