Course Syllabus

CLASS:                     ENGLISH IV HONORS (Spring 2020)

INSTRUCTOR:          Mr. Bachand

SCHOOL:                 Franklinton High School – Room 617


PHONE:                   919 – 494 – 2332 ext. 283

“Doubt thou the stars are fire;

Doubt that the sun doth move;

Doubt truth to be a liar;

But never doubt I love.” 

         ― William Shakespeare, Hamlet


English IV will focus on synthesizing all of the academic skills you have required in the last twelve years, with a concentration on British Literature and writing and presenting your infamous “Senior Portfolio.” Though this may seem like a daunting undertaking, it is easily achievable if you stay organized, take an active stance on a daily basis, creatively produce results on time, and never settle. Set your bar high, and it will pay off in dividends.

I still remember my Senior English class and the connections which were made between not only the material and the teacher, but also with my peers. It is my belief that collaboration is the key in any situation. Your job will be to know your unique strengths and weaknesses and develop balanced teams with students that will be inspired and learn by your greatness, and assist you with your areas needing attention.

Since this is the last semester of your senior year, I want you to have fun and create something which will leave a lasting impact. Therefore, we will go beyond lectures, bookwork, and assignment, to embrace the literary arts through “The Arts: visual, musical, theatrical, and technological.” You have certain freedoms on how you approach the material provided to you, but no matter what you do, I expect you to brainstorm, organize, create a strong focus with detailed support, and edit closely. We will spend a great deal of this time in individual consultation in order to develop your projects. Therefore, I will expect you to be mature and respectful, using your time wisely. 

Finally, due to the expectations placed upon you by the school and district, you will be asked to fully research and professionally craft a series of previously mentioned “Portfolio’ documents and present them..Each of the seven parts will require you to complete extensive research, planning, and revisions in order to graduate and prepare you for a future career field. Though some may view this as a superfluous drain on your time, my goal is for you to use this opportunity as a vehicle to prepare you for a future academic and professional career.


This course will focus on three major goals:

A) Analyze and explore British Literature throughout the ages through a variety of different creative and
    technological mediums 

B) Craft and present well researched, organized, and detailed thesis-driven papers (7) to be placed in your portfolio. These papers need to inspire change and make a difference to the way the subject matter is viewed.

C) Prepare individuals for college and career through reading, writing, presenting, and language skills.

In adherence to the North Carolina Department of Public Schools, the strands of Reading Literary Texts, Reading Informational Texts, Speaking and Listening, Writing, and Language will all be developed with assessments to measure growth in all categories. The link for  NCDPI ELA standards K-12: 



Franklinton High School is an institution built on trust and integrity. PLAGIARISM will not be tolerated.

Some people describe plagiarism simply through the words “copying” or “borrowing” of someone’s words or ideas, but it is more.  If you turn in someone else’s work and say it is yours that is plagiarism. If you don’t use proper quotation or citation, that is plagiarism. If you change words but keep someone else’s sentence structure, that is plagiarism. The best way to avoid plagiarism is to take notes, then rewrite your idea, in your own words, in a sentence. Those caught plagiarizing will incur consequences.
First offense = 0% and call home.                              Second offense = 0% and an administrative write-up, in addition, I will also have a letter sent to the college which have declared with the counselor’s office.



Each student’s attendance and participation are essential parts of the course. I feel very strongly about building a community of committed, engaged learners.  I expect you to be present, alert and constructively contributing during each class period. You will get a weekly participation grade based on your ability to work with your group. At the same time, I know people do get sick. Check with your group for any missed class notes, activities, and homework assignments. Please exchange numbers with teammates. 

Absences are not an excuse for missing work.  It is the student’s responsibility to turn in all the work that has been missed. Tests / Papers/projects are announced in advance, so students held accountable for the electronic deadline or next class period regardless of absence. Other make-up work will be the responsibility of students to acquire / complete / turn in within two days of missed days. No attempt =  zero.



40% SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT (SA)–   This is your opportunity to prove mastery of 12th grade NC State
                                                                    Standards through announced classroom tests.

30% FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT (FA)–     This category includes quizzes (weekly), papers,  group projects

30% FORMATIVE PARTICIPATION –           15% Homework (HW)– Announced

                                                                       15% Class Participation (PT)  (daily checks for completion)

40% SUMMATIVE TESTING DATES (subject to change)

DATE        DESCRIPTION                                                   DATE DESCRIPTION

Q3 1/31     Future Road Map Project (100 pts)                    Q4 4/3 Commencement Speech (100pts)

Q3  2/7     Test 1 (Anglo-Saxon / Beowulf ) (100pts)           Q4 4/24 Test 4 (Romantic/, Frankenstein (100pts)    
Q3  2/19    Illustrated Academic Scrapbook (100pts)           Q4 5/1 Business Resume (100pts)
Q3  2/28    Test 2 (Middle Ages/ Canterbury)  (100 pts)       Q4 TBA   SENIOR PRESENTATION (200pts)
Q3  3/18    SENIOR PAPER (400pts)                                  Q4 5 / 8   Test 5 (Victorian/ Christmas Carol) (100pts)

Q3  3/20    Test 3 (Renaissance / Hamlet) (100 pts)            Q4 5/29 Formal Thank You Letter (100pts)
                                                                                              Q4 5/21 Test 6 Modern / Rowling (100pts)

NOTE: Q1 = 40% Semester Weight, Q2= 40% Semester Weight, E1: District ENG II EOC = 20% Semester Weight    SENIOR PAPER (400pts)       

EXTRA HELP: I will make myself available on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 2:45 pm-3:45 pm for additional assistance.  Please inform me one day in advance of the date you would like extra help so I can plan accordingly.






(see more on rules on the page below)

1. Verbal Warning (1 time)                                                                     2. Students will write a reflection paper    

3. Parent Contact

4. Referral to Administration


Students choosing not to follow classroom rules will compose a one page paper about the rule they broke. This paper will be due the next class period, and it needs to include the following three details.

A) An identification of the rule they broke and a reflected reason why they broke it.

B) A statement explaining how their behavior affects others

C) Three examples of how they can properly follow said rule.


1.  R E S P E C T  (The Teacher / Each Other / The Materials / Your School / and yourself)                   

A. Cell phones, electronic devices, personal music devices, handheld games, hats, bandanas, food, non-clear / non-plastic beverages or any other distracting items are PROHIBITED. Cell phones will be turned into an office for parents/guardians to pick-up at the end of the day.

B. In order to speak during discussion/presentations, you must raise your hand and be called upon.


C. Students may NOT get out of their seats without prior permission. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES are students to get up or talk while instruction is being given. Students must stay seated when the bell rings. TEACHER WILL DISMISS CLASS. This includes sharpening pencils.

D. Only one student will be permitted out of the class at a time provided that they get a signed hall pass from
    Me in advance and they clearly indicate where they are going

2.  B E     P R E P A R E D (Everyday / Every Class) 

I expect you to be an active participant in every class and the only way to accomplish this is by being ready,

being on time and leading the way.

A. Tardiness will not be tolerated. Referrals will be followed as outlined in the student handbook

B. Attend to personal needs (bathroom, pencils, social) should be done prior to class.

C. Communicate EMERGENCIES.         

E. No bathroom first and last 10 minutes of class.

3. F O L L O W     D I R E C T I O N S


4. C H R O M E B O O K S

A. Students need to come with their Chromebook charged every class. The first-period class should be FULLY charged. I will make period checks as part of your Participation Grade.  

B. Surfing sites that are not academically linked to this class are a violation of the student handbook.

C. Students should bring their own headphones for listening to class connected video and audio.

D. Students should be mindful of audio volume at all times.

E. Chromebooks will primarily be turned off during the test, but books/handwritten notes might be permitted.



I. LANGUAGE          

  A. Words Meanings

         1. Context Clues.

         2. Vocabulary / Lexicons / Terminology / Jargon

         3. Stems / Affixes

  B. Sentence Structure

  C. Mechanics (Based on ACT / SAT Material)                



  A. NC 12 State Standards

  B. British Literature

             1. Anglo Saxon

             2. Middle Ages

             3. Renaissance

             4. Restoration

             5. Romantic

      6. Victorian

             7. Modern


  A. Knowledge / Comprehension

                 1. Definitions

                 2. Structures

                 3. Research

                 4. Citation MLA Format

                 5. Process

  B. Application / Synthesis

                   1. Descriptive

                   2. Problem Solution

                   3. Compare and Contrast
                            4. Literary Analysis 

                            5. Business Writing

                            6. Document Design

                  C. Analysis / Evaluation



Elements of Literature: British Literature – Holt

(additional Assorted Readings <including poetic texts> will be announced at the beginning of each unit)


Beowulf translated by Seamus Heaney

Canterbury Tales by Geoffrey Chaucer

Hamlet by William Shakespeare

Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

A Christmas Carol  by Charles Dickens

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone by JK Rawlings

Note: All class novels will be available online if you would prefer to secure your own copy of these books, feel free to buy them or reserve from the library. 

Elements of Language: Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics 6th Course  - Holt

Writing and Grammar, Prentice Hall


(to be turned in with each paper/project)

1. Brainstorm Sheets

2. Outline

3. Research Notes on INDEX CARDS

4. First Draft – must be marked up and noticeably different from the final draft

5. Works Cited Page – Using Proper MLA Format


Blue or Black Pens for writing

Red Pens for correcting

Highlighter pens

Lined Notebook Paper

(1) Spiral Notebook (for Journal Work)

(1) 1- inch three-ring binder

(1) Pack of 5 subject dividers


Agenda Book / Daily Planner

MOUSE for Chromebook usage (if desired)


I understand the requirements, rules, and consequences of this course. 

Please return this entire packet to Mr. Bachand. Do not cut out.

There will be a homework grade based on this… DUE FRIDAY 1/25/2020).



_______________________________           _________________________________________

Student name (Print)                                                             Student signature


_______________________                               __________________________________________

Parent/Guardian name (Print)                                               Parent signature


Parent/Guardian Contact Information


Home phone #:  _________________________        Cell #: ______________________________


Parent/Guardian email:______________________________________________________________

**If you have email access, please send me an e-mail at  Thank you**

Course Summary:

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