Course Syllabus


Ms. Clark

Room 605


Welcome to English III.    I am very excited to be your teacher this semester.  English III is a focus on American Literature.  It is essential that you keep up with class work, homework, and the pace of this class.    You will be reading many novels, plays, short stories, poetry, and other supplementary articles.  Likewise, you will be writing essays, responses to literature, and various other written materials. You will conduct research and present your findings to the class.    You will take the NCFE at the end of the semester. The activities completed in this class will prepare for success on this assessment. 



Tests / Projects                 40 %

Class Work / Homework 30 %

Quizzes                30 %


The following grade scale will be used in this class

A (100 – 90)        B (89 – 80)           C (79 – 70)           D (69 - 60)           F (59 – 0)



  • Novels and Plays

                Their Eyes Were Watching God

                The Great Gatsby

The Crucible

  • Other Readings

                Various Short Stories

                Various Poetry Selections

                Various Supplementary Articles (fiction and non – fiction)



You can expect some type of homework EVERY night.


*** Please bring your charged Chromebook with you EVERY day ***



3 ring binder (1 inch or bigger)


Loose leaf paper in each section of your notebook

1 subject notebook

Index cards                         Sticky Notes                       Highlighters

Pens (blue or black ink only) (for assignments)

Colored pens

                Taking and organizing notes

                Editing and corrections


A Positive Attitude                          An Open Mind                                  A Willingness to Learn


You should label your binder / portfolio sections in the following order:

  1. Essential Vocabulary
  2. Literature
  3. Final Exam Prep
  4. Language / Grammar
  5. Writing / Research




Come to class each day prepared and ready to learn

Have an open mind

Share your opinion

Be respectful of other’s opinion

Try new things




No food or drink allowed (water is ok as long as it is in a clear bottle)


Cell phones, ear buds, ear pods, headphones etc.  must be put away unless otherwise directed.


Do not leave your materials in the classroom!



All Franklin County Public Schools and Franklinton High School Policies apply! 


Complete your work when it is due!  The number one reason for low grades is not completing your work!  Once you fall behind, it is extremely difficult to get caught up!  Stay current! 


I am here to help you learn.  It is my job to teach.  It is your job to learn.  If we all work together then we can build a positive learning environment!  Please let me know how I can help! 


My usual tutoring days are Monday and Wednesday.  However, I am usually available daily Monday – Thursday!  Please let me know in advance if you plan to stay after school.  If you are not here by 3:00 then I assume you are not attending. 



We will be utilizing Canvas and Google Classroom this semester



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