Course Syllabus


CLASS:                     ENGLISH II (Spring 2020)

INSTRUCTOR:          Mr. Bachand

SCHOOL:                 Franklinton High School – Room 617


PHONE:                   919 – 494 – 2332 ext. 283

“Life goes on, unmindful of beginning, end…crisis or catharsis, moving forward like a slow, dusty caravan of kochis (nomads).” 

             ― Khaled Hosseini, The Kite Runner


Congratulations on reaching the spring semester of the 2018-2019 academic school year. This semester, I will be your teacher and facilitator for English II.  The term facilitator can be defined as one who is responsible for leading collaborative discussions where everyone is required to participate and contribute. A facilitator is intended to make the material easier by dividing up the responsibility to the team to ensure the GOALS are reached, the PROJECTS are completed, and the CONCEPTS are mastered. 


This course will focus on three major goals:

A) Analyze and Explore the World of Literature throughout the ages through a variety of different creative and
    technological mediums

B) Prepare for and Obliterate the 10th Grade English II EOC

C) Prepare for the 11th Grade ACT / SAT College Entrance Exams

In order to reach these goals we will need to master the art of the critical thinking, reading, and writing skills as the mandated North Carolina State Standards. Successful completion of the English II will also lead you to become prepared for future English coursework.

Thank you for being here and contributing with others to develop OUR abilities.


SEMESTER 1:    Writing Project: Persuasive Paper  (Summative 40% Assessment)    
                            Writing Project: Persuasive Presentation (Summative 40% Assessment)    

                            Individual - World Passport P Part 1 (Summative 40% Assessment)           

SEMESTER 2:   Individual MLA Format Research Paper / Presentation (Summative 40%x2)  

                           Individual World Passport Project Part 2 (40% Summative Assessment)         

PROJECTS / PAPERS: Be sure to follow assignment DEADLINES. Late submissions are subject to the following  penalties: (1 day late - highest grade x 90%, 2 days late - highest grade x 80%, 3 or more days late - highest grade x 70%.  Individual papers will be submitted electronically with 11:59pm deadline – no exceptions. Please remember your lifelines: 1 time / 1 day DEFRAYMENT available upon a two day prior written notice; Test Corrections / Rework is available.



In adherence with the North Carolina Department of Public Schools, the strands of Reading Literary Texts, Reading Informational Texts, Speaking and Listening, Writing, and Language will all be developed with assessments to measure growth in all categories. The link for  NCDPI ELA standards K-12: 



Franklinton High School is an institution built on trust and integrity. PLAGIARISM will not be tolerated.

Some people describe plagiarism simply through the words “copying” or “borrowing” of someone’s words or ideas, but it is more.  If you turn in someone else’s work and say it is yours that is plagiarism. If you don’t use proper quotation or citation, that is plagiarism. If you change words, but keep someone else’s sentence structure, that is plagiarism. The best way to avoid plagiarism is to take notes, then rewrite your idea, in your own words, in a sentence. 

Those caught plagiarizing will incur consequences.
First offense, 50% penalty after a call home and a complete rewrite. 

Second offense = 0% and an administrative and academic file write up. Don’t do it.

SENIORS will also have a letter sent to the college which they have declared with the counselor’s office.



Each student’s attendance and participation are an essential part of the course. I feel very strongly about building a community of committed, engaged learners.  I expect you to be present, alert and constructively contributing during each class period. You will get a weekly participation grade based on your ability to work with your group. At the same time, I know people do get sick. Check with your group for any missed class notes, activities, and homework assignments. Please exchange numbers with teammates. Canvas will also be another avenue for you to check. 

Absences are not an excuse for missing work.  It is the student’s responsibility to turn in all the work that has been missed. Tests / Papers / projects are announced in advance, so students held accountable for electronic deadline or next class period regardless of absence. 

AVOID AT ALL COSTS, the day before an exam. We will review and vital questions will be revealed.

Other make-up work will be the responsibility of students to acquire / complete / turn in within two days of missed days. No attempt will result in a zero.



40% SUMMATIVE ASSESSMENT–   This is your opportunity to prove mastery of 10th grade
                                                            NC State Standards through announced classroom test.

                                                             (This category will include both individual research projects )

30% FORMATIVE ASSESSMENT–     This category will include weekly quizzes, and group projects

30% FORMATIVE PARTICIPATION – 15% Homework – Announced

                                                             15% Class Participation – Weekly Random – Check the Envelop

                                                                                                          as well as Weekly Group Presentations 

40% SUMMATIVE TESTING DATES (subject to change)

     DATE                 DESCRIPTION                                             DATE DESCRIPTION

 Q3    Feb 7           Unit 1 Test + Novel 1                                              Q4 March 27 Unit 4 Test + Novel 3
Q3    Feb 25         Unit 2 Test + Novel 2                                              Q4 April 5 Unit 5 Novel + Novel 4      

 Q3    March 6       Persuasive Paper                                                    Q4 May 5 Research Paper (200pts)

 Q3    March 9       Persuasive Presentation                                         Q4 May 21 Unit 6 and 7 Novel 5 + 6
Q3    March 6       Unit 3 Test                                                             Q4 May 29 Cumulative Test
Q3    March 23     Passport Project Part 1                                           Q4 May 29 Passport Project Part 2


NOTE: Q1 = 40% Semester Weight, Q2= 40% Semester Weight, E1: District ENG II EOC = 20% Semester Weight      

EXTRA HELP: I will make myself available upon a one day prior notice request from 7:00am-7:30am or 2:45pm-3:15pm.  My planning is during 4th period, I will also make myself available during your lunch period. Please inform me one day in advance of the date and time you would like extra help, and I will write you a note.






(see more on rules on the page below)

1. Verbal Warning (1 time)                                                                     2. Students will write a reflection paper    

3. Parent Contact

4. Referral to Administration


Students choosing not to follow classroom rules will compose a one page paper about the rule they broke. This paper will be due the next class period, and it needs to include the following three details.

A) An identification of the rule they broke and a reflected reason why they broke it.

B) A statement explaining how their behavior affects others

C) Three examples of how they can properly follow said rule.


1.  R E S P E C T  (The Teacher / Each Other / The Materials / Your School / and yourself)                   

A. Cell phones, electronic devices, personal music devices, handheld games, hats, bandanas, food, non-clear / non-plastic beverages or any other distracting items are PROHIBITED. Cell phones will be turned into office for parent / guardian to pick-up at the end of the day.

B. In order to speak during discussion / presentations, you must raise your hand and be called upon.


C. Students may NOT get out of their seats without prior permission. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES are students to get up or talk while instruction is being given. Students must stay seated when the bell rings. TEACHER WILL DISMISS CLASS. This includes sharpening pencils.

D. Only one student will be permitted out of the class at a time.

E. No talking during tests / quizzes / or assigned reading / writing time,

2.  B E     P R E P A R E D (Everyday / Every Class) 

I expect you to be an active participant in every class and the only way to accomplish this is by being ready,

being on time and leading the way.

A. Tardiness will not be tolerated. Referrals will be followed as outlined in the student handbook

B. Attend to personal needs (bathroom, pencils, social) prior to class.

C. Communicate EMERGENCIES.

D. Students will be given 6 bathroom passes per semester. (3 per quarter)              

E. No bathroom first and last 10 minutes of class.

F. Bring your Chromebooks charged to class daily

3. F O L L O W S    D I R E C T I O N S




I. LANGUAGE          

  A. Words Meanings

         1. Context Clues.

         2. Vocabulary / Lexicons / Terminology / Jargon

         3. Stems / Affixes

  B. Sentence Structure

  C. Mechanics (Based on ACT / SAT Material)                          



  A. NC 10 State Standards

  B. World Literature

             1. Ancient Middle East (3000 BCE-100 CE)

             2. Ancient Greek and Roman (800 BCE – 200 CE)

             3. Australia and Western Asia: India, China, Japan (2500

             4. Africa and Middle East (700 BCE-Present)

             5. Europe: Middle Ages through Enlightenment

      6. Eighteenth and Nineteenth Century (America on the

             7. Twentieth Century: A World without Borders


  A. Knowledge / Comprehension

                 1. Definitions

                 2. Structures

                 3. Research

                 4. Citation

                 5. Process

  B. Application / Synthesis

                   1. Descriptive

                   2. Problem Solution

                   3. Compare and Contrast
                            4. Literary Analysis 

                  C. Analysis / Evaluation


Elements of Literature: World Literature – Holt

(Assorted Readings will be announced at the beginning of each unit)

Reading Thresholds, 2nd Edition – Fitzpatrick

Seven Habits of Highly Effective Teens by Sean Covey
The Alchemist by Paulo Coehlo

Julius Caesar by William Shakespeare

Kite Runner by Khaled Hosseini 

A Long Way Gone by Ishmael Baeh 

Night  by Elie Wiesel

Elements of Language: Grammar, Usage, and Mechanics 5th Course  - Holt

Writing and Grammar, Prentice Hall


Writing Process

(to be turned in with each paper / project)

20% of Paper / Project Grade

1. Brainstorm Sheets

2. Outline

3. Research Notes on INDEX CARDS

4. First Draft – must be marked up and noticeably different from final draft

5. Works Cited Page – Using Proper MLA Format



Blue or Black Pens for writing                         (1) Pack of 5 subject dividers

Red Pens for correcting                                  Highlighter pens

Lined Notebook Paper                                    (1) Spiral Notebook (for Journal Work)

(1) 1- inch three ring binder                             (1) Pack of 5 subject dividers

(2) Packs of INDEX CARDS                             Agenda Book / Daily Planner

MOUSE for Chromebook usage (if desired)

I have read the online syllabus; I understand the requirements, rules, and consequences of this course. 


In addition to reading the syllabus and returning this page of the document, you will be expected to create a post on the Canvas Discussion Board based on the posted prompt (all answers must include a citation from this syllabus).  There will be a homework grade based on this assignment… 

DUE FRIDAY 1/25/2020).



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Student name (Print)                                                             Student signature


_______________________                               __________________________________________

Parent/Guardian name (Print)                                               Parent signature


Parent/Guardian Contact Information


Home phone #:  _________________________        Cell #: ______________________________


Parent/Guardian email:______________________________________________________________


**If you have email access, please send me an email at  Thank you**


Course Summary:

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