Course Syllabus


Spring 2020

Teacher: Mrs. G. Starr Location: Franklinton High School (FHS)

Course: English I - Classroom: 604

Telephone: (919) 494-2332 Email:



All communication and assignments will be posted in the class CANVAS page.  Also on this page, students can access lessons, assignments, vocabulary list, and homework.



Students in English I read a variety of literary and related informational texts.  They develop an understanding of literary concepts, elements, and terms as a foundation for further study of world, American, and British literature.  This course will focus on literature and composition, reinforcing a study of standard grammar usage, mechanics, and vocabulary. In literature, the course includes the short story, the novel, drama, poetry, mythology, and non-fiction.  Students will engage in the following writing workshops: Letter to Mrs. Starr, annotating, narratives, textual evidence, ACES format, creating and analyzing poetry, mini research paper, compare and contrast, persuasive essay.



There will be tests, quizzes, and projects

Students will be given vocabulary words and a weekly quiz

A North Carolina Final Exam (NCFE) is associated with this course

Assessments will be weighted as follows:


  • 40% Test/Exams
  • 30% Quizzes
  • 15% Projects
  • 15% Class Participation


Grading will be done on a total points and percentage basis.  Each marking period consists of 37.5% of total grade and EOC is 20%.


A 90 - 100 (Any late work is exempt from this category)

B 80 - 89

C 70 - 79

D 60 - 69

F 59 and below


Written Assignments: These assignments must be well-planned, complex, and thorough. Anything less will not meet the requirement of an A.


Projects: These assignments must go above and beyond what is simply required of student. There must be a superior level of creativity, planning, thought, and presentation.


B 80 - 89

Written Assignments: Students followed the directions laid out for him/her but did not strive for authenticity or complexity.  It appears student has written simply because it was a requirement.


Projects: Student met the basic requirements of the assignments - nothing more and nothing less.


C 70 - 79

Written Assignments: Student did not meet all of the requirements specified in the assignment(s).


Projects: Student failed to meet the basic requirements of the assignment(s).


D 60 - 69

Written Assignments: Assignment(s) were completed haphazardly (if at all), was not unique and failed to meet the basic requirements of the assignment(s).


Projects: Submitted work was not compatible with stated requirement(s).


***A vocabulary quiz can be retaken once if the first grade was a failing grade



  • In-class assignments will be collected and graded
  • Students are encouraged to ask and answer questions, lead discussions, serve as team leaders


Chromebooks will be provided; students will be engaged in extensive independent study along with collaborative instruction (teamwork). These Chromebooks are school property and must be carefully handled. 



Be on time Be prepared Stay on task

Be respectful Do not plagiarize! Take advantage of tutoring opportunities

Respect classroom rules


Students are expected to follow rules as set forth by Franklin County Schools, refer to Code of Conduct.


Tutoring Schedule

More details will be forthcoming



  • Short Stories (Fiction)
  • Novels: Animal Farm & The Bluford Series 
  • Poetry
  • Drama: Romeo & Juliet
  • Epic/Myth: Odyssey
  • Research (Research Paper)


Informational text (non-fiction) will be reviewed, discussed, and assessed for comprehension



Pens/pencils, notebook, loose-leaf paper with lines, yellow highlighter


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