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Major (Retired) Anthony F. Bond - Senior Aerospace Science Instructor (SASI)

Master Sergeant (Retired) James Goodine - Aerospace Science Instructor (ASI)

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LHS Cadet Guide - 5 November 2018.doc

LE100-C5L1 - The American Flag and Other National Symbols.pptx

LE100_PPT_C1_L1 - Organization of AFJROTC.pptx

LE100-C1L2 - The Military Uniform and Appearance Standards [Autosaved].pptx

LE100-C1L3 - Customs and Courtesies for Junior ROTC.pptx

LE100-C1L4 - Attitude, Discipline, and Respect.pptx

LE100-C1L5 - Ethics, Values, and Morals.pptx

LE100-C1L6 - Social Etiquette and Dining-In, Dining-Out.pptx

AS220-I - Introduction What is Global Awareness.pptx

Introduction to the Middle East.ppt

AS220-C1L2 - The Arab-Israeli Conflict 

CS_IGPPT_CH1_L3_ (1).ppt

AS220-C1L4 - Islamic Fundamentalism and Terrorism.pptx


AS220-C2L1 - Asia - An Introduction.pptx

AS220-C2L2 - Japan, Korea, and China.pptx

AS220-C2L3 - India, Pakistan, and Afghanistan.pptx

AS220-C2L4 - Environmental and Social Issues in Asia.pptx

US Interest and Regional Issues in Asia.ppt

AS220-C3L1 - Africa - An Introduction.pptx

The Shadow of Western Colonialism.ppt

AS220-C3L3 - Dictators, Leadership Challenges, and Ethic Clashes.pptx 

AS220-C3L4 - AIDS, Health, Poverty, and Human Rights.pptx

US Interests and Regional Issues in Africa.ppt

AS220 Final Exam Review.ppt

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