Course Syllabus

English I 

This class is a year long class that was designed to help students improve their reading, writing and test taking skills. This class will cover the same material as a regular semester English I class, but at a different pace and with more explanation. Vocabulary is a very important part of this course. There will be vocabulary quizzes every Friday. Now that the first semester is over, every grade will be very important. There will not be opportunities for late work. Assignments need to completed on time and correctly. 


You will be completing assignments on your Chromebook. You need to bring it to class everyday charged and ready to go. Go Guardian has been activated and you will have your Chromebooks shut down temporarily if you are not on the correct sites. 

You will be using Achieve3000; Newslea; and Commonlit to improve your reading skills. Assignments will be given and scores will be used. 

I also have a Symbaloo page this semester with different sites to help you.


Course Syllabus

English I.doc

Every student has a login name and password for Spelling city to help them study their vocabulary words.  Here is the link to site. 



There will be vocabulary quizzes every Friday. The words need to be defined by Monday. Here are the next few lists:

vocabulary list 10.doc

vocabulary list 11.doc

vocabulary list 12.doc

vocabulary list 13.doc

vocabulary list 14.doc

vocabulary list 15.doc


Course Summary:

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