Course Syllabus

I am looking forward to a very productive semester. I want to take this time and express my excitement about working with you and your child this semester. After years of service to my community and thirteen counties in the state of NC, I am eager to be in the classroom. I believe students can grow and develop by examining the issues we cover in our class. Please, understand that we will work hard to have a positive classroom culture, and to celebrate that culture in many ways (positive phone calls, increased privileges, etc.

Prior to my transition, I served as Captain of Compliance / Professional Development for a 9-1-1 EMS Agency. In my third year of working in Emergency Services fulltime, a passion for precepting new hires and students reignited my desire to teach.
I worked very hard to see the Public Safety program be initiated in Franklin County Schools in 2009. Now, I wish to combine my twelve years of experience with my ability and desire to create a positive learning experience and environment for students.

Course Overview
This course provides basic career information in public safety including corrections, emergency and fire management, security and protection, law enforcement, and legal services. Additionally, students will develop a personal plan for a career in public safety. The course includes skills in each area, using resources from the community to help deliver instruction to the students.

Required Text:

Law & Public Safety: An American Careers Program

Course Materials:
3-ring binder, notebook paper, composition book, and pens/pencils

CTE Grading Criteria: Classwork/Homework: 40%
Tests/Quizzes: 40%
Projects: 20%

The final exam is a state-produced Career & Technical Education End-of-Course Test and counts ¼ of the final grade.


Late/make up work policy
10 points will be deducted per day up to 3 days for late assignments. Late work after 3 days will not be accepted. In class assessments missed due to absence, must be made up within 2 days of returning to school or the grade will be recorded as 0.

Franklin County Schools Grading Scale:

Report cards will go out every 9 weeks. Progress reports will be distributed on week 3 and week 6.
A: 90-100
B: 80-89
C: 70-79
D: 60-69
F: 59 and Below

Course Summary:

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