Course Syllabus

Ms. Sydney Brown
Fall 2018 - Foundations of English I
(919) 496-3725 ext. 269
1st Period Planning (7:45-9:00AM)
Syllabus Overview

Course Objectives:

  • Preparing students for the content and skills necessary for English I
  • Adjusting freshman to the rigor and expectations of high school academics

The foundations of English I course focuses on expanding each student's academic vocabulary and writing skills while instilling a relationship with reading. Throughout the semester, students will be challenged to build foundational skills in English that will prepare them forĀ every high school classroom as well as the world they live in.

If you have any questions regarding the class, grading, an assignment, etc., please contact my email (listed above) with your concerns! I look forward to working with you in this upcoming semester.

Course Summary:

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