Course Syllabus

Physical Education/Health Information Sheet

Coach Chris Baker (919) 496-3725 ext. 355


            Homework/Classwork:           10%

            Health Tests:                         30%

            P.E. Participation:                  60% (Dressing out= 5pts, Warm-up= 5pts, Participation= 10pts, 20pt total each day)

Tests will be given at the end of each chapter in Health.  If a homework/classwork assignment is not handed in or a test is not made up within two days of an absence, the grade will be a zero.  Dressing out for P.E. is a requirement for this class.  If the student does not dress out, he/she will be allowed to participate in P.E. if he/she has the appropriate shoes on, but will receive a grade reduction for the day.  If a student does not dress out and does not have proper shoes they will be sent to “Timeout” for being unprepared for class and there they will work on an alternative assignment pertaining to Health/PE.  If a student habitually is unprepared for class a contact to a parent will be made. If the problem persists then a referral will be sent to the administration. If a student is injured or sick, only a doctor's note will allow a student to be exempt from P.E. class without penalty.  If a student has any medical conditions please notify Coach Baker.  This course does not have an EOC exam.  However, a final exam will be given at the end of the semester during the allotted exam times.  STUDENTS CAN BE EXEMPTED FROM THIS EXAM if they meet the necessary requirements detailed in the student handbook.  The course grade will be calculated as follows:

                            1st Nine Weeks (40%) + 2nd Nine Weeks (40%) + Final Exam (20%)***


***The final exam will be an average from the Health portion of the exam and the P.E. portion of the exam***


  •           Be on time. The roll will be checked each day at the beginning of class. Tardiness will be recorded.
  •           Cell phones will be placed in a designated area or container at the beginning of class.  It will be given back to the student at the end of class.
  •           Bring paper, pencil/pen, chromebook to every health class.
  •           Sit in assigned seats at all times.


  •           Students will be given an assigned spot on the gym floor where they will report after dressing out.
  •           Dressing out is mandatory to receive full participation credit.  Bring a change of shorts/sweatpants, t-shirt, and sneakers. NO BOOTS, SANDALS, FLIP FLOPS, CROCS, SLIPPERS, ETC. WILL BE ALLOWED FOR PARTICIPATION.
  •           Students will have 10-15 minutes in the locker room before class to change and 10-15 minutes at the end of class.
  •           A lock may be used on the lockers to store valuables during class, however you must remove the lock and your valuable items after each class to allow the next class to use the locker.  THE P.E. DEPT. IS NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY LOST OR STOLEN ITEMS IN THE GYM OR LOCKER ROOM AREA.
  •           Horseplay and/or rough play will not be tolerated at any time.
  •           Franklin Co. School dress code will apply in P.E. (No tank tops, short shorts, etc.)  


    This course will follow the North Carolina Standard Course of Study curriculum for Health/P.E.  Students will learn different games and activities while in P.E. and new concepts and ideas in Health class.  I expect all students to keep well-organized notes, complete all assignments on time, contribute to discussions, and devote study time for class.  I expect each student to come to class ready and prepared to learn new and exciting things.

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