Course Syllabus

Brown Falcon

(FALCON Flying)

Ms. Volk
Grade 3



Important Upcoming Dates

December 21–January 1   Holiday Break
January 14, 5-6 pm           Parent Night
January 22-24                   Benchmarks
January 18                        Teacher Workday
January 21                        Holiday
January (Last week)         Report Cards
February 13                      Full day for students
February 18                      Full day for students

Class Schedule:  

7:45-8:05:  Students Arrive
8:05-8:30:  Morning Work
8:30-10:00:  ELA Block
10:00-10:10:  Snack
10:10-11:30:  Math Block
11:30-12:15:  Specials
12:15-12:45:  Lunch
12:45-1:00:  Bathroom Break / Agenda Check
1:00-1:50:  Science
1:50-2:20:  Recess
2:20-2:30:  Bathroom / Water Break
2:30-2:40:  Pack Up
2:45:  Dismiss to Buses/Cars

Please use Google Classroom to access all Sites for ELA and Math.  Students know to log in as if they are at school.  Same username and password.  




Great Sites for Parents and Students:
Khan Academy
Study Island

Unit 4:  Making Sense of Multiplication and Division
English version:  Multiplying and Dividing Numbers 
Spanish version:  Multiplying and Dividing Numbers

Suggested Mental Strategies to Solve Math Problems 

Unit 5:  Reasoning with Shapes and their Attributes

English version:  Reasoning with Shapes and their Attributes 
Spanish version:  Reasoning with Shapes and their Attributes




Course Summary:

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