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Welcome to Honors Earth Science

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Contact me at or 919-494-2332 ext 280

Earth Science Syllabus (see below)

Welcome to Earth and Environmental Science!

  Earth Science is the study of the processes and environments that make up our unique planet.  Earth Science covers a wide variety of scientific fields and therefore serves as an important foundation for a number of science courses in the high school curriculum.  In this course some of the topics of study are: Scientific Concepts and Inquiries; Rules and Principles associated with Planet Earth; Astronomy; Earth’s Landforms; Earthquakes and Volcanoes; Earth’s Geologic History; Natural Resources; Hydrology; Meteorology.  At the end of the semester, students will take the state test for this course (North Carolina Final Exam).  It will be 25% of their final grade. 

Course Information: Spring 2019

Earth and Environmental Science/ Room 724. Canvas Page for assignments and class PowerPoints available

Instructor Information:

Mrs. Tracey Schriver, Teacher

Franklinton High School


Classroom Phone: (919) 494-2332 ext.: 280

Necessary Classroom Materials:

Students will need all of the following on a daily basis for Earth/Environmental Science: • at least 1 inch binder (no spiral notebooks/composition books), loose leaf paper, pencils, black/blue ink pens (no other colors), colored pencils, glue stick, scissors and ear buds are optional supplies.  Chromebook use will be announced when needed in class.

Grading: (2 9 week grading periods and a final exam per semester)

Franklinton High School Grading Scale:

A--100-90                       D—69-60

B—89-80                        F—60 and below

C—79-70      **Honors classes will have 3 projects            


You will receive grades for a wide variety of assignments and assessments. These will include tests, quizzes, homework, laboratory work/assignments, and projects.  Tests will be given at the end of each unit, so students are advised to review throughout each unit.   Students will also have quizzes sporadically throughout each unit.  I occasionally give homework assignments to be completed at home, but students are expected to complete any and all classwork that they did not complete in the 90-minute class time.  Positive Class participation is very important.  This class will be very involved and I need each and every student to do their part in sharing during class discussions.  I do not assign extra credit assignments. Tutoring available after school by appointment.                       

Grading System:

Quizzes/Tests-45%          labs/projects-30%

Classwork/Homework/notebook- 25%

Final Class Average: 1st and 2nd 9 week

Terms = 40% each + final exam =20%

Prepared for Class: Please no food in my class at anytime. I will allow a clear bottle with water (only) in class but you will not leave class to fill it (do this before my class).  Keep cell phones and technology OFF in my class and out of site! (Unless I tell you to take them out for lab/project only!). If seen I will turn into office until end of the day and multiple violations of this rule will result in detention and phone call home for parents to come and pickup phone.

Late and Make-Up Work:

Please see me personally if you have work that has not been turned in or you have missed work due to a day absent. We will work out a solution on a case by case basis but it is your responsibility to come talk to me!

How We Will Operate As a Class:

  1. When you enter my classroom, you will quietly locate your assigned seat.
  2. There will be work for you to start on at beginning of each class
  3. There will be vocabulary, outline for notes, worksheets, quizzes and tests for each section/topic
  4. You are expected to keep all papers in your binder to study.


Rules and Discipline:

All Franklinton High School rules in the student handbook are to be upheld in the classroom. 

Bathroom Policy:

You are expected to take care of this before class and my class pass should only be for an emergency.  Abuse of this policy will result in detention.

If Student is Tardy:

To receive an excused absence form, you will need to provide written documentation written and signed by a parent.    After 3 unexcused tardies you will be sent to ISS for the class. Please be on time to class every day or have a note.

Success in This Class: I’m looking forward to seeing each of you achieve success in Earth Science.  A successful earth science student will be present in class every day.   He or she will take pride in their work and have a respectable working relationship with their classmates and teacher.  Remember this is a required class to graduate high school.

Course Summary:

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