Course Syllabus


English IV


Teacher:               Michael Ranes

Room:                   201 Mills Building

Telephone:           919-496-3725, ext. 201


Contact Time:    1:20-4:00pm     


The composition course provides academic opportunities and preparation for the success of all English IV high school students.  Students will have rigorous training in all aspects of writing and communication, including grammar, sentence structure, paragraph formation, and the different types of essays, as well as continued training in reading and analyzing informational texts. We will complete the steps for the senior project, with grades on all parts of the process.



Students will

  1. prepare to perform successfully in reading across the curriculum
  2. prepare to perform successfully in language arts across the curriculum
  3. prepare to use a variety of study skills
  4. prepare to use critical thinking and processing skills
  5. prepare to effectively read a variety of informational texts and be able to use a variety of analysis, summative, and evaluative skills to prepare for the English IV NCFE.



Each student will

  1. Act appropriately when entering and leaving classroom
  2. Be in his/her assigned chair when the classroom door is closed after the tardy bell rings
  3. Bring required supplies each day
  4. Ask for permission to leave your school chair.
  5. Turn in assignments during the class period when due.
  6. Keep all notes and handouts in a three-ring binder.
  7. Make-up work within the first three days after returning from an absence. (See Board of Education Policy) No other make-up work will be allowed.
  8. Use common courtesy language.
  9. Ask for permission to talk.
  10. Stay in the student section of the classroom and not touch or remove anything from the teacher’s area.




The grade will be assigned on the basis of work in these areas:


                 Homework/Daily Work-25%

                 Tests and Major Assignments (including four independent reading books and senior project)-50%



Three-ring binder                                                

Tab dividers for the binder                               

Standard-rule (college-rule) paper                   

Blue or black ink pens are the only acceptable colors of ink to be used.

Three packs of 3 X 5 lined, white note cards


Tutoring Schedule:  Monday-Thursday 2:45p.m.-4:15p.m.


Priority Standards:  Reading Literature (RL) and Reading Informational (RI)

                                    -RL2, RI2-Analyze theme

                                    -RL4, RI2-Interpret technical, connotative, and figurative


                                    -RL5, RI5-Analyze the structure of texts

                                    Writing (W)

                                    -W2-Write informative/explanatory texts

                                    -W4- Produce clear and coherent writing that is


                                    Language (L)

                                    -L1-Demonstrate command of the conventions of grammar and


                                    -L2-Demonstrate command of the conventions of capitalization,

                                                punctuation, and spelling                      



The complete list and explanation of the English Common Core Standards for English II can be accessed at this link-                       



Course Summary:

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