Course Syllabus


Vol. 6                 Walsh’s Wonderful Workers               Mar. 2019

Student of the Week                  Important Dates                       Birthdays   

  Saniyah     03/04             Mar. 22 Teacher Workday              Coleman 03/08

     Valen    03/18               Mar. 27 End of Quarter                    Jori 03/15              



Curriculum Information:   

ELA:  This third quarter has the kids describing connections between a series of historical events, scientific ideas, and following steps in technical procedures.  Finding the main idea of specific paragraphs and describing how the author supports points in a text will be continued. We will work on cause-effect and comparing/contrasting. We will introduce more grammar and conventions as well, including homophones, more adverbs, and subject-verb agreement.   They will still be held accountable for indenting paragraphs, capitalization, and punctuation in all of their writing!


Math:  We will continue our assigned homework!  The paper will go home in the Friday folders and please return it by Wednesday.  We continue to learn and practice measurement (both metric and standard units) and will be using items measured to make graphs.  We will also continue to work on adding and subtracting money. We will be telling time to the minute as well! During all of this, we will continue to review concepts from the beginning of the year too.

Social Studies:  This quarter the students will learn all about geography and the environment.  We will learn about maps, directions, and map key symbols. We will also learn about how our communities have changed and could change in the future.  The students will also be able to give examples of how people positively and negatively affect our environment.

Course Summary:

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