Course Syllabus

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Mrs. King's First Grade Class

Room 216


Phone: (919) 496-3676

Important Upcoming Dates:

Field trip to the Rocky Mount Imperial Center on December 6th. 

LES Holiday Concert will be Thursday December 12th 6:00 -7:30. 

ET Weekly Schedule:

Dec. 2 - Music

Skills we will focus on this week:

Week of December 2, 2019

ELA - We will be continuing text features. Looking at the difference between fiction and non-fiction texts. Reviewing of main idea and supporting details. Please continue reading daily with your student and practicing oral and written retelling. Don’t forget your sight words!

Example comprehension passages and questions -

Example main idea and supporting details -

Example sight words to practice -

Example of text feature ideas -

MATH - We will be working on addition and subtraction within 1-20. Comparing numbers (8 > 3). Looking at the difference between the plus + and minus - signs. Practicing addition, subtraction, and missing addend word problems. We will also work on missing addend number sentences (ex. 15 + ____ = 20) 

Example addition and subtraction problem generator -

Example word problems -

Example missing addend -

Social Studies - We will be looking into various holidays and celebrations. Why do people around the world have them?

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